the masters of limitation

terrestrials are often called 'the masters of limitation' because they have collective - they have a set of genes that develop into bodies that make one almost blind to whatever came before - whatever comes after - they don't see past time - they don't see past the physical bodies - the physical experience - that's because of the genetic structure they are using - other ET's have different genetic mixes, and in fact, don't have those problems at all......

nothing improves an innovation like lack of control

the djed report - continued

  • synthesis model
  • morphability of cyberspace
  • performance of research
  • fashionable focus
  • universality
  • superencipherment
  • neurogenesis
  • image transformation
  • forms of intelligence
  • expansion of source
  • the masters of limitation
  • mythic mode

  • the djed report

  • design revolution
  • concept of direct energy
  • polymorphic associations
  • always on

  • neu ark net / ark lite / ios