morphability of cyberspace

current net conditions are very transitional - media habits - what television has created is still highly underestimated - since the net fixed the problem once and primarily it still maintains status - the morphability of cyberspace has surely been utilized to re-create the rather inefficient vanity based type of communication that the mass media broadcasters of tele-visions promoted - no real consequence other than - those who continue to use this enhanced tool for those devolutionary methods tend to be aging at the rate of 5 to 1 years - a very unique phenomena - works in reverse too when used openly its timeless quality will only age 1 year every 5

in morpheme-based morphology, a morpheme is the smallest language unit that carries a semantic interpretation... morphemes are, generally, a distinctive collocation of phonemes (as the free form pin or the bound form -s of pins) having no smaller meaningful members

english example: the word "unbelievable" has three morphemes "un-", (negatory) a bound morpheme, "-believe-" a free morpheme, and "-able". "un-" is also a prefix, "-able" is a suffix - both are affixes

first and most simplistic are the verified stats that the whole thing is and has been running smoothly and no matter what the contemplative aspect of the group psyche demands it still will not be creating the condition that was digitally achieved unless it plans on taking something apart to put an alternative in place where its not necessary

in information theory signals are part of a process, not a substance, they do something, they do not contain any specific meaning... combining algorithmic information theory and information theory we can conclude that the most random signal contains the most information as it can be interpreted in any way and cannot be compressed

the djed report - continued

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  • morphability of cyberspace
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  • the djed report

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