design revolution

men must have been in critical life sustaining crisis to have invented words - when we have something vital to say we can usually develop the means of communication - today with our great vocabulary inheritance many squander meanings on unworthy causes and communicate little of what needs to be said

most of humanity has been conditioned to accredit only its own local area of xperience as being natural and the logical prototype of all that is good and acceptable with all else remote hostile treacherous and infinite - infinite systems may contain an infinity of variables - the ancient world was imaginatively controlled by an infinity of gods

from a mirrored point of view when we used to look ahead and see the world of the future it was inhabited - its inhabitants were extra-terrestrial to that past time and space - now that we have reached that point as those terrestrials - adding the xtra is all that remains - to perceive the fusion of all - whatever frequency they hale from = the indigenous specie of the neu world

politics and weapons are not present in any of the extra-terrestrial teachings or concepts that we learned here on planet X

the whole realization that mankind now can and may be comprehensively and mutually successful is so startling that we must have it - as both the whole and the essence of the theme of our forward undertakings - to have enough for all required a design revolution - engineers and scientists agreed that the technical knowledge to correct this existed some time ago so it is also part of the great message to humanity of those who have the power to communicate that the worlds problems can not be solved by politics and have been solved by a physical and design revolution

networked communications = the resolution of the consensus political mind - all that is required is a phone and a microprocessor which quite a few people have and all could be given - the design fusion solution revolution - a set of personal application preferences you move to any omni terminal interface - our tek is centering into its unified field - it is reflective of where we are in the process

everything functional just continues - we take the time to see the process in its true lite without all the commercially provoked political projections upon it - in no way should abandoning politics interfere with the infrastructure - to the contrary is proposed the theory it will run that much better - many know just how this works - they have been resolving govern-mental proposals with this guidance mechanism - the consensus achievement that these online internet communities have already provided far xceeds the achievements of all the governments kingdoms empires etc etc that ever xisted - its role as the most accurate representation of unified humanity daily far xceeds all static linear systems of information distribution thru-out recorded known history - 1 billion participants and growing - log in declare neu world citizenship - positive affirmation is all that is required

superior alternative in place - it has been running for quite some time - relax - enjoy it - enhance it - simplify

with our enormous specializations we have powerful insights in a variety of unique directions but we have very little integrated comprehension of the significance of the total information - not only does our vision have a narrow electromagnetic spectrum range but we also have a very limited apprehending range within the spectrum of motive velocities - for this reason we see and comprehend very few motions and transformation developments of the universe

universe is non simultaneous complex of unique motions and transformation - of course we dont see and our eyes cant stop the 186,000 miles per second kind of motion - we dont even see the stars in motion though they move at speeds over one million miles per day - we dont even see the hands of the clock in motion - we remember where the hands of the clock were when last we looked and thus we accredit that motion has occurred - in fact xperiment shows that we see and comprehend very little of the totality of motions

therefore society tends to think statically and is always being surprised - often uncomfortably - sometimes fatally - lacking dynamic apprehension it is difficult for humanity to get out of its static fixations and specifically to see the great trends evolving

communications and vision are of immediate interest because today world society is operating almost xclusively in the inaudible non visible area of the physical universe it is safe to say 99% of all important work being done by man - relating to our evolutionary advance - is work going on above and below the tunable range of mans direct optical or other sensorial participation in the electromagnetic spectrum - society neither hears nor sees the great changes going on

we have discovered that what we have always spoken of in the past as telepathy is in fact - ultra - ultra - high frequency wave propagation - we are doing a great deal more subconscious communicating with one another than we are accomplishing in the (reality) of the visually tunable ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum

this discovery lead to a design revolution in telecommunications via the heironymous effect of pure research with a core matrix of cubical wavefield functionality - a neu ele-mental ai balance acclimating as rapidly as possible to its more efficient means of harmony thru guidance - the system and the users in syncronicity

internet interacts with hyperspace activities thru cyber space - so far the crowning transformation of design revolution with its modification to xisting tele-communications - a system of delivery - meritocracy - guidance - with no real need for questionable leadership - a means of distributing - communicating to any and all participants at any given moment has provided the shift - we are there - now the focus is adjusting and aligning the system from the effect of such rapid transition and acclimatizing -- many applications and effects were either misused by resistors to the movement or ones that were still not quite developed but put in use to be developed thru open source development which is another aspect and ability of this design revolution in telecommunications

all of these items are conceptual application - they have no real new mechanical requirements while providing a revolution to how they were mechanically accomplished - thru conceptual design of resources - time to see the un seen

adding this open sourced virtual design technique to these last domestic items will net the rest of the adjustments to the revolutionized approach that has delivered us to our con-fused psyche and its fusion solution

design - revolution in the psycho-active time field of our conceptual reality

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