polymorphic associations

calibrating polymorphic associations - has many whatevers - the amount of projects going on in the lab are so xciting that one can barely break off for a second - one of the projects that is taking hold - is this next level interfacing to the network making the interactive ability of networking pull way ahead of its introductory use of reacquainting neurons - as you would xpect with the reconnected condition an obvious enhancement is logical and necessary - in a sense we have been modeling how to deal with hyper communications and now that most functional foundational domestic requirements can be negotiated this way we truly have jettisoned from the need and lock of one way media - physically there seems to be no negative prohibitive focus on communications devices which in its own way says - please use this abundance and only concern yourself with things that progress the over all condition

there is a wave building in size - in regards to our open source code based communities - there is a correlation to this hyper-use of the word and some of what is occurring in this area where we program the actual infrastructure of the physical telecommunications apparatus that we all use - bringing into focus a parallel that automatically effects/releases a large portion of the psychic energy that seems to be open to manipulation by outside sources -

1 thing about things that are controlling - is - if you dont have a better way its hard to comment on how good or bad the current system that accomplishes it does that - of course we had many better ways and applied them

with this type of progression and a crossfade effect that is over 75% to the good its clear to see its up to the sovs who have the skills - leadership and institutions have been retired as solution options - not as theory - out of the facts that the network approach to everything has replaced them all ..

residual testosterone based gaseous imbalance being addressed in the over-all chemical injury venue which also has progressed in coverage to a maximized mind share - this process of entering our code based linguistics into the design concept resolver is very much based on these forms of communication we have created with our neu tools

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