expansion of source

hierarchy represents diverse interests perceptions of reality and motives of action - it is this diversity that causes the hierarchy to become ineffective in leading individuals to their equal status with source - however this diversity is also what permits the hierarchy to attract and initially awaken such a breadth of individuals to their spiritual energies and intuitive centers - nevertheless the hierarchy has trapped itself in diversity and vested specialization that prevents it from evolving from a ladder of evolution to a river of light that is aligned with the purpose of empowering entities to source equality

the savior concept results from the feelings of inadequacy that constantly surge within the mass consciousness of humanity through the genetic mind - these feelings are related to the fragmentation of the human body and its inability - while fragmented - to fully grasp its wholeness perspective and reach into its divine origins and accept itself as equal with source - thus ensues the seemingly endless search to be saved from the inadequacy and insecurity that result from the fragmentation of the human

this catalyst to evolve consciousness derives from the feeling of being less than whole - and in particular the feeling of being disconnected from source due to imperfect judgment caused by the fragmentation of the human body - it is through these feelings that the fragmentation perpetuates itself for the entire species and is passed into the genetic mind which is the shared foundation of the human - the genetic mind of the human species is the single most powerful component of the hierarchy and it is formed by the very conditions of the human body living in a three-dimensional five-sensory context that is all-consuming

why has the hierarchy not provided the alternative model of transformation and enabled the individual to make a choice and in so doing truly exercise its free will - it is because the hierarchy like most entities is not aware of its wholeness - its fragments or subgroups are completely devoted to boundaries Where there are boundaries that define and limit there is also structure Where there is deeply ingrained structure there is a pervasive belief that transformation is impossible - naturally the time-space universe conforms to the matrix of belief projection and the very concept of transformation is removed from the hierarchys reality

thus the hierarchy is unable to even conceptualize the model of transformation with any precision let alone inform the individual that alternatives exist which issue from source intelligence - the hierarchy is not responsible for this condition each individual is - the dominant model of source intelligence is primal - it existed before the hierarchy it is the individual that has chosen to explore the hierarchy's model of existence for the purpose of participating in the experiment and assisting in the emergence of the synthesis model of existence - the hierarchy is quite benign as a manipulative force and merely represents a key ingredient to the recipe of wholeness that is transforming the entity to reach beyond its role as a container of source intelligence and become the bridgeway in the expansion of source reality into the time-space universes

there is an ancient belief born of the hierarchy that the time-space universes will ascend into source reality and the human body of love will accompany this ascension process - however it is source reality that is expanding to encompass the time-space universes with the purpose of aligning all entities to the synthesis model of existence - source intelligence is stripping away the veils that hide the true meaning of the entity model of expression in the time-space universes - when this occurs the individual will possess source equality in all dimensions and fields of vibration and its componentry will be united for the full expression of its sovereign perspective

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