an alternative look at our collective of source networkers in a way few understand - on orderly re-entry

in the lab we have deciphered several variances of how and what this type of word based manipulation yields - open source coding is a very literal term - those who open source up to others

in non-technical usage, a "(secret) code" is the same thing as a cipher. Within technical discussions, however, they are distinguished into two concepts. Codes work at the level of meaning that is, words or phrases are converted into something else. Ciphers, on the other hand, work at a lower level: the level of individual letters, small groups of letters, or, in modern schemes, individual bits. Some systems used both codes and ciphers in one system, using superencipherment to increase the security.

historically, cryptography was split into a dichotomy of codes and ciphers, and coding had its own terminology, analogous to that for ciphers: "encoding, codetext, decoding" and so on... however, codes have a variety of drawbacks, including susceptibility to cryptanalysis and the difficulty of managing a cumbersome codebook - because of this, codes have fallen into disuse in modern cryptography, and ciphers are the dominant technique

"cipher" is alternatively spelled "cypher"; similarly "ciphertext" and "cyphertext", and so forth... the word descends from the arabic word for zero: ifr or , like (the italian) zero (which remained in use for 0, the crucial innovation in positional arabic versus roman numerals) but soon was used for any decimal digit, even any number - there are also etymological roots to the middle french word cifre, and the mediaval latin cifra, both of which are probably originated from the arabic root... while it may have come to mean encoding because that often involved numbers, a theory says conservative catholic opponents of the arabic (heathen) numerals equated it with any 'dark secret'

all open source development is in the hands of all open source developers - a major naturally bio-occurring resource in the neu world -

entropy is now incorporate with the negentropic movement - keeps system in balance - there are no perfect vacuums if there were they would supposedly suck all space into them similar to the time vacuum - just need to have a minimal humorous bias variable to keep a reference point - a collective 30+ year portal runs comfortably and provides substantial resource to the over-all communications continuum - universe

TSG transcendental software group provides a true resource of transcendence variables to things that now can be open sourced

(providing to overwhelming response)- this next level of open encryption - secures the entire reality from all persuasion and manipulation without interfering with growth patterns

geodesic mainland perspective verifies 2 energy bodies - one is much larger and has been settled in for some time the other is in the process of making a move - the settled one - which the moving one does not seem to realize/acknowledge altho it sees it clearly and draws from it consistently - seems to say - if the script does not complete itself many will be left in a position that is confusing - while the ending - seems more perplexing from a watchers point of view - apparently efficient to the overall flo of what already functions and provides everyone with the means to accomplish what they are doing - it gets more fascinating by the moment

human resources -

several hundred thousand open source coders - a group that fully supports - they are unlike anything on scale-free side of the spectrum - a lot has happened in this last 10 years of inner-networking - an application base to accommodate this universal re-presentation that far surpasses all previous attempts at reflecting this level of data - our stats show the open side is far more populated allocated efficient functional secure enjoyable etc etc - the perception inside of the moving scale free field seems to be one of a reality yet to occur

open small world group - signed in - have been working - and has secured the arkitecture of functional reality which up to this point is controlled by license and luxury in the scale-free areas of the net - this info is for over all perspective on the abundance and level that such a very large portion of the communicating populace functions from - cosmic design shows - since we are - since it is like this - something special is in store for that which is about to perceive the wholeness

this dispatch connects an inner channel of understanding this rather meticulously designed re-entry point that has gone unnoticed by those seeking it for some time - for network administrative reasons - empowerment code for network admins - mass or herd behavior is what it counters as they are the pitfalls of smooth administration and distributing the abundance which does xist

seeing very little that is not open - there is a cipher encrypted key each admin can apply to secure unique zero impact temporal arkitekture which preserves the individuals open access to source code - as we continue the migration - lets look at the 2 groups as networks called scale free and small world

the djed report - continued

  • synthesis model
  • morphability of cyberspace
  • performance of research
  • fashionable focus
  • universality
  • superencipherment
  • neurogenesis
  • image transformation
  • forms of intelligence
  • expansion of source
  • the masters of limitation
  • mythic mode

  • the djed report

  • design revolution
  • concept of direct energy
  • polymorphic associations
  • always on

  • neu ark net / ark lite / ios