synthesis model

a combination of saving oneself and detachment from the over controllers initiated the synthesis model into manifestation - the synthesis model was the next step of the experiment and in certain vibrational fields of the multidimensional universe there are individuals who are indeed experiencing this stage of the experiment as forerunners of the model of balanced individuality

these individuals are specifically designed to transmit this future experience into communication symbols and life principles that facilitate the bridging of the two models of existence - beyond the initial design and construction of these bridges these individuals remained largely unknown - if they had done anything more they would have rapidly become a fixture of the over controllers and their missions would have become compromised

these sovereign individuals are not present in the time-space universe to be formal teachers - they are present to be catalysts and designers - they are present to ensure that source intelligence is allowed to balance the dominant force of the over controllers and the model of interdependent saviors - they will not create a new belief system - instead they will focus on developing new communication symbols through various art forms that facilitate detachment from the controlling aspects of these regimes - the sovereigns also demonstrated the natural ease of interweaving the two primary strands of existence into a synthesis model

in this new epoch of human development individuals will collectively design new pathways beyond the synthesis model of existence so that a new progressive structure will be constructed that is fashioned from source intelligence information - this new structure has already been cast from the knowledge gained from the experiments of the time-space universes and the cosmic cycle has regenerated itself into a new field of vibration and existence - this new model of existence resists definition and word-symbols are completely inadequate to describe even the shadowy outlines of this new form of existence that has emerged out of the synthesis model

we are a small team of sovereigns that have designed time coordinates catalytic in forming a sovereign individual perspective - each time marker is in actuality a selection system that attracts specific entities to utilize their human body in wholeness - this develops their sixth and seventh sense which enables them to learn how to step out of time and the systems control - when they can do this they too can design the synthesis model of existence within earths over controlling system

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