always on

we are always on and have verified this concept as individual entities

interdimensional fall out - even angels were fallin - geez o man

1 second in the timeless is a thousand years - suggests - this nu-clear fall out problem started with those angels - using the equation it has hardly been minutes - we have progressed in the best of ways to these weird residual gasses which is much better - when bodies were falling you probably couldnt even go out and take a walk - think about it - get bak after a trip to the lab and theres billions of people - all fell in - now it just smells weird and will get you sick - all things considered this sure is artistic

cars and phones - get you wherever you need to go physically and psychically - seems there should be a focus on the obviousness there is no need for there to be an xpense in this any longer - there is more than adequate proof that these are sustainable resources with multiple alternatives

heres another gud 1 - the truth is - communications are always on - simple as staying connected in a chat program for days - even the way many use e-mail - never leaving the tele loop - the communications merchants business is in turning them off when you want to use them - when you ring someone up they are actually turning it off until the other side picks up and from that point on you both are being charged - hows that - near inconceivable but it gets better ... in other words we're all connected all of the time - when we send a telecommunications signal out to another - it instantly arrives - how we cleverly introduced ele-mentally a system to reflect this bak to us is quite an accomplishment - the middle men who have placed a levy in between every single communication that is negotiated may also be an accomplishment - however for some time now it has been unnecessary - its all communications - phones and cars are the translatable entropic vehicles that have been put in between humanity and its foundational understanding of the unified field

it all runs off a petro chemical based methodology - at the bottom of nearly every function is the need to communicate and plastic - all of this is completely reliant on petro - the solutions are wide and varied this is just a reference to the uniform control there is/was/may be on the entire elemental distribution of resources

djed reports - to be continued

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