mythic mode

based on methods of symbolic creation...

at the deepest level mythic events create new meaning - literally producing something out of nothing... resolution is produced by transcending existing structures and meanings that are given to words, situations, objects, and stories... mythic inventions successful in engendering large scale change are those which are in tune with the needs of the cultural system into which they are injected... they're typically associated with charismatic leadership that captures the will and faith of the involved population... major methods are those associated with creative endeavour, use of intuition and strong adherence to premises of the mythic reality

the flip-side of A myth

the djed report - continued

  • synthesis model
  • morphability of cyberspace
  • performance of research
  • fashionable focus
  • universality
  • superencipherment
  • neurogenesis
  • image transformation
  • forms of intelligence
  • expansion of source
  • the masters of limitation
  • mythic mode

  • the djed report

  • design revolution
  • concept of direct energy
  • polymorphic associations
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