image transformation

the need for conceptual scaffolding is clear given the kinds of complexity with which society has to work... the challenge of making the more complex structures comprehensible is also clear -- those most appropriate to the challenge of sustainable development may be beyond the ability of any single human mind to grasp - but any form of development implies structural transformation... whilst transforming simplistic structures, like conference agendas and organization charts, may pose little challenge, the transformation of the complex structures described earlier is quite another matter

the process of conceptual or social transformation appears to call for a form of dynamic scaffolding which provides some form of continuity -- from stage to stage -- through the transformation process... what we are looking for is a form of scaffolding onto which relationships can be mapped, and then be stretched or changed into what might be some very different kind of structure -- suggesting new kinds of relationships between the concepts so bound... the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly provides a sobering metaphor of the possible complexity of the challenge

two examples of this kind of structure may be noted:
    (a) image transformation: the facility of image-transformation on computer suggest many possibilities - the challenge is to find ways of relating conceptual structures and real-world challenges to such images... of special interest is the way in which development is to be understood or encoded in such image transformation - for example, if the many details of the global problematique could be encoded onto one (or more) archetypal animals, suitably animated, this would be of major conceptual and symbolic significance -- especially when the animation can be used to represent a transformation process - the media advantages are obvious

    (b) vector equilibrium: a very unusual symmetrical polyhedron is the vector equilibrium (normally known as the cuboctahedron) - it is unusual in that it lies on a transformational pathway to a variety of other structures... an appropriately jointed model can be transformed into an icosahedron and from there to an octahedron and on to a tetrahedron... one of the merits of this model is that it provides a way of understanding the structural transformation process... the challenge is not to focus on this particular structure, but rather to use it as an example to persuade topologists to locate other transformational systems of this kind so as to build up a library of possibilities on which to draw

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