next level planetary agenda - 2004
pick your specialty - lets arK

networks can will and do accommodate all tasks - the neu tron computer is functional solution

  1. prosperity
  2. ecology
  3. integrity
  4. methods
  5. networks
  6. administration
  7. affiliates
  8. operating system
  9. superbrain integration
  10. art/archeoogical investigation
  11. education
  12. celebration

the perfect process is maintained as a well administered network within an upfront screen of chaos and operates on a similar principle to a spirit balance used to square a building - building a lasting mansion of the mind and building a physical mansion follows the same principles

it is set up within computer systems by dividing the load between co-operating partners. everyone who so chooses can participate on the design for local regional and global balance - to upgrading - the updating is automatic - the geometry is revealed on planet X

once we clean out the files and establish a system of no garbage in we will get no garbage out - this begins with balancing each thesis against its anti-thesis until synthesis is agreed upon by all concerned to (+1)+(-1)=0

logical scenario = someone virtually guiding you in a way that acknowledges your position of development and can direct you instantly to your resonant sector

serve and empower = create and contribute = focus and distribute = serve and empower

  • see thru and to
  • triggers
  • tell coe
  • stop all - all stop
  • neu world servers
  • go the mass has ended
  • start all - all start
  • the avatar of synthesis *
  • theory = a substantial amount of foundational metaphysical thinking can be easily conveyed and synthesized via networking discourse

    the shift has occured - amplify the signal - Scan your sphere of influence and move to light speed - become one with the light of the world