info motion
see thru and to
no charge
no obligation to pass on the negitron - response-ability to not pass it on - you're the filter - you know the drill - always all-ways at home - no one in between the destined course of your communication - free to mandate to yourself - learning about the communication device/vehicle and being responsible for your lifes blood - communication - not socializin which is also a vehicle and a very worn out craft at this point - give it a break

free to stop acting like you want or need someone/thing else to take your privileges away because you're being lead to believe its easier via controlled communications

free to stop thinking its an act of god when the power goes out and most sit bewildered at the fact they have no idea how or why this power and communications thing works - its a privilege to take full responsibility for power and communication

its the source - govs and politics, religions, broadcasting, and entertainment as most know it are little applications to cover up these facts - use the psi viewer and see for your self - the grid must be clear of usury...

the meter needle is our point of concentrated sovereign will - healing energy and toxic energy mingle in the noosphere - to clean the biosphere we must first clean the noosphere for decades the ground forces of landed elohim and the sky forces have been bringing our common will into synchrony to complete this final time circuit

this is the obvious start point since it is within the power of any individual to learn how ezy it is to take over your communications on all levels - physical and spiritual

a call for complete focus on these issues is top priority - globally, the main thing that needs everyones attention is the information that will clear up the confusion about power and communications and how taking responsibility will free the truth at a neu level... just pass it on and believe how ezy it is to take control of the simple things that need control - everything is subordinate to the source

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