chaos to cosmos
stop all - all stop
explanations on full media mode and its accelerated advantage for the synthesis process

a CPU coupled with body chemistry is the radionic upstart to the more advanced forms of tele-communicating with far more power than radio telescopes

arKdomes sustain a minimum 27 to 100 GHz continuous connection to the hyper circuitry and the activities and communications at those levels are rather expansive due to the rate and nature of the information exchange... with no psychic disturbance rates of 100 to 10,000 GHz can trans-locate or teleport any environment... first: expansive activation through synthesis... 2nd: time travel to balance this last xperience in the 3d virtual reality everyone has known as life on earth... then centering in to pass through the ankh ...time to get busy

arkdome geodesics have a very specific purpose for advanced radionics and other forms of communication that open up to form a whole neu palette where previously, there were only completely limited conditions... activate node with telecommunications - synchronize it to the hyper networking - and ark lite the mirror into new expansive geographic locations... this is - what to do ...there is only the responsibility of doing it that is in every ones path ...identification is your interpretations which are the individuals privilege and response-ability

the internet has been conceptually distorted in the same fashion as all other revelatory devices in this sector - quite a pathetic showing this time due to some cosmic default designs that did not lend themselves to the lying that the bull-heads have to incorporate to get their thing off - which left them with only the commercial aspect of slavery they have over everyone (the which worked as a quick fix but now is crumbling with the rest of the system built upon lies... this has left a wide open condition to xplain what else can be done

does anybody really believe we can't take care of ourselves or that we're not already doing that and being taken advantage of ...well whatever feels best for you - just get direct the mix ...what are you doing - we're free ...whats up with this guilt trip - no more accusations... step up to the mic/camera and speak're on the air ...lets get the real perspective on networking so that all can see this is xactly what this device is capable of - the real reason it magically exists as a thin strand to other dimensions

time to get the real picture - it has been 7 years ...time to start solid food - stop with this baby-formula media - its not even mothers milk .... lets feed this cosmic baby properly - personal media will be everyones favorite diet and thats a given think people like to take pictures of themselves or what ...well all conditions are ripe - everyones already doing most everything ...its primarily a connect-the-dots game and you can find all 144 dots here in this mirror capable arkitecture

stop all - all stop

(disclaimer: whatever you do - dont take this seriously)

maybe if you had no notion or information that there was a problem there wouldn't be one

stop all communications publicly - only networked - no more unnecessary talk about a broken system we aren't going to use anymore

this may sound shocking:

it must all stop in its current manifestation is no longer necessary to communicate to a conceptual model that has no purpose (current profit-based telecommunications) ...face the light and deal with direct line communication and xperience point source - sending /receiving simultaneously - all the communication and information can be focused on this functional reality concept as a minimum replacement to the radical bondage of current telecommunications ...again if you think this is shocking you're taking it mildly and if you dont --- get the net --- either way the truth shall set you free and this is the truth about some real world responsibilities which are each and every individuals privileges

start taking advantage of what has been so graciously given - this is not about money its about learning how to do things for yourself - which empowers others to do the same ...what a system aye? ...this type of info will continue to crush any pea-brained egotistical perspective destructively aimed towards the power of the individual that is directly linked and driven with guidance and clarity of the source ... for now we'll still be considerate to the ego that is buckling under the academic pressure of current conditions... after all, the egos overall history of lying left it no time to do the work involved in acquiring the resources that are required to re-balance --- which made it so sooner or later the stupidity would catch up to itself and be revealed for what it really is...

...we have arrived ...have a nice day ...we will definitely be back real soon ...matter of fact we dont go anywhere so we'll be right here

somewhat of a breach birth --- so it was written, so it was done

abuse of this embryonic condition in a telecommunications metamorphosis of the race where the individuals were in the womb in a totally impressionable state, is what has occured .... for birthrite alignments, this is being recalibrated through massive synthesis developments in the higher bandwidth and frequencies of networked activities across tele and other magnetic grids of communication ... turn it all off - let your inner compass do its thing

its all merely what everyone thinks it is and all all all all of that has been derived from media that is pre-school levels mixed with total deviant perversion - so once again, give it up ...all of it can do much better on your own now your friend and tell/show them what you are doin (learn how -- the only thing to do) its way better than watching and listening to moldy Babylonian godz who at this point are mutated and helpless with nothing but worthless confederate money to try and run their media campaign of destruction worship and bondage just a one last time... turn it off

prepare for the self referred state - media membrane ...replacing the institutional state commercial - meme-brane... this is the next step, not to be confused with the current awakening and ascension process is the key to interior maneuvering ...since the line of communication is clear and capable of addressing just about anything, it puts it in a position of not having to do that ...the independent space means no influence whatsoever communicating universally

we arkNnauts have the network capability to far surpass any level of delivery the internet has accomplished up to this point (always remember internet is a concept) and in most ways that is not an issue, as there are several other ways of doing this without the internet ...peer to peer seer to seer networks will be more xciting than anyone ever imagined ...comparable to the conditions of living in a run-down section of a polluted city that is then instantly transformed into a fully balanced, focused environment with all the space and resources you require lets go

forget the notion of waitin for some institutionalized telecommunications device to do this in sitcom/tabloid fashion - this is your show - what you are is what you get - just distribute - mirror - and link the light and lets have some real inter-netting

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