the transcendental software group is a universal reference term for neu world servers and the comprehensive entirety of their collective works both across the ages of humankind and in timeless hyper-space - the realm of biomutants, psi-ops, and avatars

this super-conscious collective is constantly contributing to the writing rewriting and improvement of the OS (operating system) of this bio-computer/planet/system in order to run develop and support the ultimate app - life - in integrity fidelity equilibrium

true contribution is a 100% balanced naturally reciprocative symbiotic relationship which fulfills and sustains everyone who is sincerely involved in serving - (service: n 1. work done by one person or group that benefits another = if everybody does it, everybody benefits)... to serve is to qualify

this reciprocation is experienced directly as limitless oscillating vibrational energy = once you tap it the well-spring of energy available to you in support and for the development of whatever forms your creative function takes on is infinite... the crystal chip runs on the perfect process / perfect neutrality - ie: the accounting system is infallible unbiased and just - so all positive returns are automatic... this formula is based on universal facts that are readily accessible to all in the form of everything that has does and will continue to successfully contribute to the mutual benefit of all life

an omni-dimensional collective
this omni-dimensional collective of transmuted neutronis have seamlessly replaced (by modifying the program - enhancing the useful stuff / neutralizing the useless) what was previously known as mystery schools or secret societies... these institutions of old served the function of protecting preserving and distributing information to the select (like VPN users behind a fire-wall) from inside a corrupt system (worm-virus-trojan horse riddled) for the benefit of future fractal generations

it worked and we are now the overwhelmingly grateful inheritors of all human history in the form of one integrally regenerative comprehensive all-inclusive non-biased reference directory generated by the interaction and co-operation of the user/operators of functional applications (like the one we are using right now) designed by and for user/operators to freely create access share and unify information and put it to good use toward total regeneration and the restoration of equilibrium / harmony throughout the system

the crux of the biscuit is the fact that all the secrets and mysteries that have been revealed say the same thing - there is a plan - this plan is come to its conclusion - the conclusion is good - changeover complete - the state of undivided mind

in the unified field anyone can access anything from anywhere at any time... transcendental software makes installing/running a neu free OS for your crystal chip simple straitforward and fun - how basic integrity intuition discipline and a few shifts of perception/attention is what enables the individual to recognize that sovereign operation is the conscious appreciation needed to apply talents resources and potential toward our co-creative capacity to communicate

transcendental software:
  • the organic spiritual guidance system
  • intelligence synthesis
  • xenetic crossover platform
  • the negentropic reflector
  • psychic anatomy / psi viewer
  • human anatomy / eye viewer
  • conveyance tone code

  • iOs