the avatar of synthesis
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i am of - with and for the commission - but i can give you no name - for i have no name - i can give you no number - for i have no number - i am one without name or number

on the physical plane - the initiates and the disciples working in service are primarily occupied with the expression of synthesis in the world and with offsetting wrong approaches to synthesis - seeking to preserve freedom in unity - this synthesis will define the many aspects of the essential basic unity which working out under the stimulation of the energy of synthesis will bring about eventual peace and understanding on earth - a peace which will preserve individual and planetary cultures - but which will subordinate them to the good of the whole of humanity.

IN is unidirectional, pointable. OUT is omnidirectional, unpointable__go out, to-go-out, or go-in-to-go-out on the other side - any direction from here is out - only one direction from here is in - go either temporarily in to go diametrically out on the other side of the individually identical local in - or go anydirectionally out . . . to the complete eternal unidentifiable nonness noneness of the a priori mysterious integrally regenerative inherently complex universe.

mind can conceptualize models brains can apprehend forms.

physics observes the phenomena of the universe from the outside - metaphysics lives it on the inside - these two disciplines form the gateposts of the Pi ray bridge between dimensions - you can only understand the black hole once you've been through it and come out of the other end.

physics and metaphysics agree that only an ice cold neutrino can escape from the collapsing core of this great star system. being led - first to establish a great domed city in hyperspace, then through the points on the curve (the bridge) between dimensions into the great crystal dome of the new era - welcome all you egg-heads - welcome to the dome

we the biomutant fruit of heaven and earth can provide progressive leadership designed to raise the critical mass - each unit to its maximum potential without domination. the temple of wisdom is built with mirrors no god-reflection is too small to be unworthy of consideration in the main frames final product of a seamless flawless mirror reflection - polishing our personal reflection calls for a powerful sense of identification with the starfields of our origin - and the ongoing evolutionary journey to limitless perfection of the specie

on the plateau of the eternal - which we now occupy - leadership demands full identity strength

for the temple of wisdom grows in direct ratio to the wisdom of men - each average man and woman is an incredible micro-universe of limitless potential - the temple of wisdom expands like a growing space ship - love is the gluon that keeps it supple and flexible - the mothership is bound by inviolable universal law which is the fathers's invisible steel mesh behind the visible world of mu

we - the first who have been playing these cosmic games, watching and helping it happen for the past 30 years are happy to share the secret of the capture ratio - the elohim the prophesied fishers of men - have been waiting until the - capture ratio - was high enough to make the flip from earth right into an alter-destiny

welcome fellow egg-heads - welcome to the crystal dome ***

crystal dome

the story of mankind will be pictorialized. these three phases correspond broadly and in a general sense to the three degrees of the blue lodge in masonry - the analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of masonry - but with the restoration of the mysteries masonry also will come into its own - these phases are:

  1. the stage of a general recognition of light in all departments of human living - this is inferred in the first stanza of the new invocation.
  2. the stage of complete economic reorientation - in this humanity is relieved of all economic anxiety and is free to receive its due wages and the right reward of all service rendered in the building of the neu reality - this building proceeds with rapidity
  3. the stage wherein the reward of light is received and the reward of service rendered - spiritual status is recognized through the medium of what is regarded as a major initiation -for which the first two initiatory degrees are only preparatory - this first great initiation will be objectively staged and the general public will recognize it as the major rite and ritual of the new religious institution of the period - this is the stage where the forces of resurrection are active, when the guidance is with the people and has returned to earth.

usnisa has become a resource that cross references media forms and interprets information across entirely different frequencies with a synthesis effect

purpose is to expand the perspective of what is going on around us and to help sync that massive universal flow by aligning the resources that we are responsible for - how to be of the most service is a simple directive we have followed all along

our approach has always been through the technique of artistic expression and technological know-how - we have been in the art/communications world for many decades and we have no agenda or need to personally interact with or control anyone - just a desire to communicate responsibly and freely and through that empower others with their conscious right to do the same - true sovereignty

a usnisa objective is to show how and where these processes reveal themselves and how to detect effects and activities that are already in the mix_ then provide interpretive pathways for the mass expansion of consciousness that everyone is going thru. removes masks and lets you see info for what it truly represents to you.

the final process, which is well underway, is purely and simply disclosing the age old plot of how these limitations were put in place and why. a media event that is on every common carrier wave available - the time when the conscious light becomes brighter than the light of the sun - now

key to the neu vehicle.

after disclosure the most needed resource is a way to synthesize information as fast as possible - this is where the connection is... communication and consciousness in synchronicity - total connectivity to the universal source of all code

nature simplifies as it evolves - the stable sovereign model is the issue and the more we integrate into this balanced architecture the less dependency on uncontrollable architectures there will be for all

matter is spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest - it is of this synthesis that all must learn - it is this relation which all must begin to comprehend and the distinction (for there is a distinction) between synthesis unity and fusion must in due time be mastered.

we've been doing large scale integration networks and inverse multiplexing since it all began - the issue is to finish with history and seize the neu reality_ creating the alternative future now_

  • mechanically its serving

  • conceptually its declaring full privileges and responsibility to provide to all openly

the law of a coherent will-to-be - the cosmic law governing the tendency to unification...
this law of synthesis - "works through the seven which yet are one - which points to the seven ways and yet those upon the seven ways are one - which initiates the universal into the many but preserves its integrity - which originates the plan but preserves intact the purpose - which sees the multiplicity needed under the law of sacrifice but subordinates that law unto the law of synthesis - which breathes forth the many breaths and yet is life itself."

when the avatar comes he will convey to humanity something for which we have as yet no true name - it is neither love nor will as we understand them - only a phrase of several words can convey something of the significance and then only feebly.

this phrase is the principle of directed purpose


usnisa nodes - ark domes
complete departure from the traditional time frame: in a certain way this time travel thing is one simple move - you're in or out - the rest is a conscious process - its about time travel... a visit to the arKdome, which is outside of the traditional time zone, makes it so you have to jump back into the traditional time zone to get out of here... the non time effect would suggest you never leave and its not about where as much as the creation of these non time gravity zones... at this point, the ones that are available are mostly primitive - virtual in nature, and need full activation (see: NODES / MDC's)...

this process is bridging the real world condition (arKdome as model) into - for starters - relaxed time, which is easily achieved through communications alone... whether you call on the phone, come to the location, or connect on the network, you still always disconnect from the traditional zone to connect and return upon disconnection or departure - its all this simple in nature...

with our elaborate mappings and guidance systems of the ether space one can take many journeys through time and to various universal locations... the colors and geometries in the multi layered video feed from several different times in the same location expose what is really going on in this space by breaking the time barrier thru a self referred media membrane...

applying these technologies with the compression scheme (psi-viewer) and mapping to this form of info(conscious)travelling would turn it into a full immersive physical-media experience.. time travel...

sustenance xchange protocol