dopamine pump
start all - all start
at the point where the media-mechanism was completely taken over and controlled by the manipulators no further study was required for it no longer contained any life - when cable tv was deregulated and the bell telco monopoly supposedly split - this point was key - it was all a transitional condition that was engineered to gain insight into the cosmic manipulation that was occurring in the structure that had originally been built to brainwash and control - to then turn back around and gain control of the neu manifestation through the www concept of internetting (now highly magnetized through truth communications)

so the idea of using this structure for commerce in the same way 3d space was controlled commenced - everybody's slave-like patterns translating voluntarily across merely by not learning and thinking it is the property of some company or authority, and they will just make it so you can do your job for them a little more efficiently cause thats all that technology/telecommunications are for - well - its not - whats happening in your mind rite now and all you're doing is reading what happens when we break the bonds and fully acknowledge the real reality of telepresence... we have to do these things our selves - its the gift... we are at the end of this scenario and there is no choice at all in whether or not we start to communicate at the next level - the ecology insists

everyone already has a good idea of just how much networking can accomplish with zero impact on the environment - this is another situation where the level and rate is mega in scope - remember there are a whole lot of people with telephones - surely at least millions of times more then are needed to reach the hundredth monkey effect: meaning faith is still top priority - no one really has any idea of how much is possible due to the overwhelmingly limited condition they subject themselves to and end up working a job to support - think about it - it is the current media structure which is the real element that needs the focus...

as far as getting the info to the areas that are inhabited with other frequencies - the way is the user - user to user peer to peer seer to seer discuss what it takes for all of us to do this amongst ourselves... lets go stealth - nuf of these regulatory regimes which are usually devices for manipulators to keep control via long reaching financial influences -
stop all - all stop

there are numerous alternatives - how many people do you really think you need to talk to - how much time do you want to spend each day just talking or being forced into your car to communicate in an even more primitive way - driving... with easy established network facilities on basic existing architecture the ability to expand the ways and means of ecological reform are abundant - with a base level network guidance system and the index of complete solution at your fingertips, only awaiting your conscious embrace - an instantaneous flip from taking from to giving to the environment occurs... at the level everyone indulges in this system (telecommunications) you can imagine how quickly we will get this done - ready - go - start all - all start

weaning out of money
first realize it is the largest form of mass public communication - most everybody understands that lingo - put it out of your mind just focus on how to get the proper conditions and it will transform - transform not go away... there is nothing wrong with applying some revo-evolutionary activity to old familiar communication structures to convey the next most logical way to accomplish the goal... whatever is required - do it - if the focus is singular and you take it to the end of its thought - it will resolve... this doesn't mean you focus on something else to get the money and save it to focus on this later - it means at the very least you have to do both of those at the same time until you gain enuf perspective on the allegiance that is preliminary to actually begin taking advantage of the integrated non-controlled perspective...

money and right livelihood:
money is green energy - and any energy you work with brings with it its own vibrations - if you are sufficiently evolved to be able to transmute negative vibrations then it makes little difference where the energy comes from - for most of us however we are affected for good or ill by the energies with which we interact - also the manner in which you obtain the energy from others affects them - because we are all interrelated - what affects another person affects you

the method of gaining your livelihood must not by its very nature increase the paranoia and separateness in the world - a dishonest or exploitive venture would be a case in point - most means of gaining livelihood do not in and of themselves increase the illusion of separateness - however the beings who do the work do it - because of their own level of involvement - in such a way as to increase the illusion - when you are involved in such vocations then it is your work on yourself which makes the particular vocation a vehicle for bringing man out of illusion and into yoga

suitable right livelihood for any specific individual is determined by the totality of forces acting upon him - these forces (vectors) include social cultural economic hereditary, and experiential factors - to hear the way in which the interplay of all these forces determines your right livelihood requires much calming of the mind - the quieter you become the more you can hear -

as you progress with your sadhana you may find it necessary to change your occupation - or you may find that it is only necessary to change the way in which you perform your current occupation in order to bring it into line with your new understanding of how it all is - the more conscious that a being becomes the more he can use any occupation as a vehicle for spreading light - the next true being of buddha-nature that you meet may appear as a bus driver a doctor a weaver and insurance salesman a musician a chef a teacher or any of the thousands of roles that are required in a complex society - you will know him because the simple dance that may transpire between you - such as handing him change as you board the bus - will strengthen in you the faith in the divinity of man - it's as simple as that

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