simple solution
stop with the tapping on the other shoulder trick .. its over ...

something of value here and you dont have to talk your congressman into lettin you have it - honest this stuff is valuable precious and abundant - matter a fact we have enough for all - as some one said at the neu-ark some time ago stop all-all stop just stop doing that and start doing this

  • that = i dont know if this world can make it im not satisfied and somebody probably we/you should get together and talk about fixin these things so i can have the xperience im entitled to

  • this = maintenance free specs - simple solution - we can do anything now because of perfect balance and equilibrium and certainly dont require anymore than the lord saw fit to give us while being ever grateful by taking the utmost responsibility in maintaining it

got a bad deal - world full of poor people - does a world full of rich people only require giving everybody colored paper if so lets get on with it - if not we can prob get the funding to make the 100 trillion or so in cash - figure the paper and production only run us bout a hundred thousand or more and everybody will be happy and rich - course this all seems so relative and simple we cant seem to figure out why it hasnt happened yet ...not... listen all this nonsense stems from the same place it has all along manipulators have just takin the latest fashion trends played politics with the media controlled portion of the psyche and have you forgiving them and buying into their next plans for your time - that you make for them ....creative psychology everyone can use on their self.... control your own situation without the direction of commercial institutions and grow into being response-able for reflecting that god indeed made you rich beyond your wildest imagination - by showing he did not give you the raw deal in not providing you with money when you showed up via the canal of birth... just another paragraph about the facts and the main one being you know what we're talking about and the solution is rite here so wipe the egg off before the big guy busts a move... you really do know you didnt get a bad deal

how will our abundant world run without money - is a common beginner's dismal question - much better much more efficiently more justly and in a perfectly equitable way when all our highly intelligent superbeings graduation class begins to perk up - money is the negative backing put on the fabric to keep man striving until nature's goal of a transmuted god-man specie is manifest in matter - abundance gushes from the wellspring of within - and there is plenty for all

believe and receive

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