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theory of relativity
to demonstrate the theory of relativity

we have achieved something that only requires the responsibility of taking it over not complaining like we dont have this and wont until that dysfunctional system of politics and commercial capitalistic license and luxury continues controlling things and does it for you - the canyon many stand on the edge of - now - who do you think might be promoting to do it the old way and have all this inside info on how where when and who did does and will do all of these things for you that you can do for your self ... any clue on/of the leadership that is taking over the whole world --- a takeover by a group -- un announced leadership -- seems a couple of steps backwards from hal and the network ... sovereign citizens control their own affairs already ... wanna stop paying taxes stop ..... wanna stop payin interest stop ..... wanna take over telco pleez do

matter of fact

have one net address to co-ordinate necessary directives with all info = all info on how to stop ... all clusters being kindred there really will be no lying and cover up - check any posting board or group these are bonded fused solid state clusters of truth anything less than complete will be aligned one way or the other upon entering these fields

focus till all info is distributed and absorbed .... channels and polls highly encouraged .... talk about solutions a way to distribute the info and shift the behavior at the same time

run straight-talk-electronic-net-polls around the world -

positronic guidelines 8.7 / 4.2

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