starting points
no - sharp contrastive thinking .... stop - bak out progressively ..... know that every move you make from here on is zero impact - then use your condition by turning around looking and making sure it complies ie; what is your personal eco footprint are you at zero currently - theres a theory that all that has to happen is for every bodies personal ecology inner/outer to be in sync .. a totally controllable easy logical approach and even if huge orchestrated efforts are needed afterwards its still all positive work towards resolving this issue once and for all... since the world is made up of what you think start thinking about synthesizing yourself bak into an organic xperience that has no limitation

due to the total un-informed state most everyone is in far as serving to the entire world its near impossible to communicate the real statistics .... the communications story is something that should be acted out as taught since these are the mechanical replacements for all the non zero impact activities .... theres a logic that seeks a relaxed campaign to help with assimilation .... all have access

this is a neutron-i move

neutroni: one who is neutralized from dependence on programmed action and reaction

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