biomutant psi-phi

the megatron reports
in the beginning was the word - this is what led mankind out of the unified field to separate animal man from his fellow creatures in the garden of the lower kingdom - the word led us out of the unified field into a multi-lingual babble-on - the word led us from a world of direct visual reality into a shadowy world of images that are far from the direct experience and deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the cave

magnetism is the lifeblood of the universe - the integrity of this magnetic fluid - the liquid word of god - through the timeless tunnels of space is the secret of time-space travel - to be a graduate master across dimensions is inexplicable and completely unique as applied to your graduate specifications - the world looks like an eternal snowflake machine with people as similar yet unique as snowflakes

words are the only form of separation between science philosophy psychology and religion - each of these facets has a light and dark side - the ufo phenomena is the summit of this knowledge in that it demonstrates that mind - light crystal - precedes manifestation in matter - dark crystal - it too has a light and dark side

it is not until we finish one classroom that the next door opens - this is how the whole earth family exits the cave - the super-intelligent life of the extra terrestrials is not from the distant future but from the future past to which we are now returning

the silence about the ufo phenomena is so loud it blasts ones inner ear drums - many fine people on earth have been taken over by alien intelligence and held prisoner for decades in a parallel dimension - these tremendous sky beings are living thinking pure intelligent energy

there had to be a trade-off between speed and weight bearing capacity due to the tremendous size of gears of the mothership and the various beamships involved with different types of human vehicles and their involvement in past present and future events - teaching and learning the analogue is one thing - digital actualization into solid state harmonics from mind to matter was the completion

if you have prepared yourself you will find your destiny waiting - our e t brethren come to help clear blocked channels and help each caring person win their spurs in radioland without persona interference to supervise our reunion as one pure earth being - e t come from many points in time and space to assist with the global harvest and organize the tactical application of the retrieval system of darkness back to light

the ufo coverup is the time-bomb - nanotechnology at its best - the secret has been held in suspension-readiness for half a century until the word was given - we are sky people who have been held in a time warp in order to extend our cosmic education into lower worlds and animal classrooms - fun wasnt it

this dynamic turbine of men and extra terrestrials produces a workable and highly efficient revitalizing system - its a combination of their brains and our brawn - if you still believe in us and them - we can clean up regenerate and maximize existing systems to double triple and quadruple the workability of key facilities and locations for multifunctional applications - intelligent houses intelligent offices are on the horizon

via fiber optic bands we can streamline the efficiency of all existing services - this applies particularly to communication and educational systems such as radio and tv and so on - when brought to their maximum productivity for the benefit of all these supply the feet on the ground approach to the neu reality

the gross being is merely the husk a snakeskin to be shed - the light being is the wheatgerm or kernel of the soul - inner space invasion comes in light waves - this internal seduction is designed to bring us to cosmic fruition

the morning star is death star - for nothing can exist without its polar opposite - death star is the most welcome of all the planets encountered on our eternal voyage into infinity - it represents a move from brain-dead politics to the resurrection of neu life - the arrival of the holy barque in its home port - ufos reflect our harbour lights which bring us to the end of one world and the neu beginning

what a whale of a tale we bring - every word of it is true - our diversionary tactics were successful due to human arrogance - that is to say refusal to believe or even vaguely contemplate sky beings - not of this world - were coming to rescue stranded men

the akashic record or mothership of consciousness

cosmic education will verify that any offence against universal law is an offence against all people across all the ages of man - any offence against reason is an inviolable error against the law of evolution = stupidity which is the only unforgivable sin - in the 21st century the beings from the higher realms are called extra terrestrials star captains space beings from out there - the unified forces - they also live in here and interpenetrate the human mind with subtle guidance and direction - like an elusive willow-the-wisp they lure us through the three paradigms of consciousness in the lower middle and upper realms back to the source of oneself now laden with the wealth of understanding of the lower realms

the part the e ts play to announce the arrival of the harmonic convergence is one of the most fascinating acts in the grand finale of the whole earth play - governments and media have gone to great lengths to conceal the e t - ufo facts - while allocating billions to investigate by left-brain methods - the e t are the unified forces - their role of enlightening humankind takes on many forms - phallic mind games such as the symbolic castration of obsolete male heroic virtues of war and sex which are part of the human herd instinct prick human consciousness for mind-stretching sport as extensive e t cattle mutilations reflect - governments remain silent but get the message that a higher phallic potency exists - but these mutilations have a positive goal - e t communicates in actions not words their sporting game is primarily psychotronic

the human race is engaged in a war of worlds - man is loosing this war due to arrogance or failure to recognise the signs in the sky of an assault on this civilization by extra terrestrial intelligence

we are star clusters - as yet unidentified flying objects - we are everywhere and nowhere - born legal residents - integrated and ethical earth-sky citizens - in the state of undivided mind - atlantis - the star between the words i*am is a form of codex-heraldry - it can either represent the sun or a star depending on the stage of the journey you are at - getting burned or being a cool star as heat gives way to light i have come home to my extra terrestrial identity

humanity is one both in the disintegration and in the solution process - in that the faster i raise your level of consciousness with no strings attached and the faster you raise mind the faster the caring and sharing flows among all mankind - soon everyone on earth is travelling at light speed no hooks cages and no strings attached - it is one

in the 21st century we can look back in the rear view mirror of human history to see the change of focus in the scratchings on our cave wall - the patriarchal era was a device implanted by some extra terrestrial civilization to promote the technical evolution of this global system

spiritual intervention can cut in at any time in a persons life to complete the ripening and final polishing of ones mirror - there is a pattern of circumstances most favorable for such intervention this is by no means a modern phenomena but in recent decades it is most closely associated with the phenomena known as the ufo abduction

the ufo phenomena is a lightly disguised charade like big brothers playing educational games with the younger children - but on a god-response level which teases the mortal into responding on the higher level of the game

we become locked into our personal carrier signal - our craft switches gears from manual to automatic drive - science seeks e t out there but we live in here the elevator principle of levitron can both lift us up or take us down to visit mingle with and infiltrate the darkness of the surface world

what you see is what you get each e t infant is born as a divine child in exile - ego takes over and the journey leads us from having a heart of stone to a heart of flesh and blood one capable of feeling for others as we feel for self e t comes home when the e t path from egocentricity to theocentricity subjectivity to objectivity is a completed circuit

we understand the pain that is inflicted by the absence of an integrative codex a personal standard which we choose to maintain as our birthright - what others think or do or say has got nothing to do with it

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