the word virus
what if everyone was so conditioned by language that even that which they believed to be straight perception (via sight, sound, touch) was in fact an illusion -- a filtered version of reality, with the filters embedded in our language .... with this awareness - observe the issues of social control / thought control at a level much more subtle and thus more pernicious than the outward laws and regulations challenged by others (as they battle "anti-obscenity" laws and other free speech issues) -- this type of social control isn't even encoded in the law .... it was programmed into your own brain -- through assumptions and associations -- just as it had been for some when they were unable to see that they could choose to define (and pursue) art in any way they saw fit

"the word virus" - the idea that human speech was the result of a virus contracted by our ancestors...

before we even get into some of the more acute symptoms of word virus like mass illusory hallucination thru manipulating matter lets start with early signs of decay

primary symptoms:

  • inability to understand things literally
  • cant decide if you really like something unless you are prompted and convinced by word verification

word virus scan

the 7 day negitron fast ///

negitrons are negative thoughts

fast: to practice abstinence as an exercise or duty; to abstain from something voluntarily for a time - for the neutralization of certain appetites and the strengthening or renewal of personal integrity and universal humility via the conscious practice of a general discipline

this is a challenge for everyone - cut out all negative media from your diet of mind food for one week - matter follows the path of mind = thoughts create reality - reality is the operating system - the agreement - that all programs run on - matter energy space and time - palnet earth - the unoverse - chage your mind and chage your reality - fix the inside to fix the outside

stop all negative thoughts for seven days - no negitrons in no negitrons out - this has nothing to do with bias judgement dogma politics opnions tastes or personal prefernces - it is based on the fact that matter follows the path of mind - if one nixes the negative on the inside it will cut out the negative on the outside - verified by mathematical principles and proven physics equations

negative media - bad news - communicated via papers sites messages word-of-mouth ill will - meanness judgement unkind thoughts self-doubt self-hate self-centeredness - lies excuses and procrastination - fear uncertainty and doubt - cut it out

planeticide despair double talk disintegration barbarism no solutions hostility ignaorance disaster planetary bankruptcy political rhetoric sexual cruelty brain fatigue futile complexity all bad news refugee camps beastly behavior falling stantards of living rootless souls extinction abomonation poverty pollution squalor endless conflict trivialities stubborn silence want schizophrenia govenment fist no cohesion rivers of blood primal screams dead ends rubble arms punishment futility violation low service bottomless pit illiteracy children crying inflation surplus adolescent crudity stalmate intellectual snobbery fatal silence unfairness more junk mind fog shallowness inequity hazardous air shoddy merchandise inadequacy immobility fear stagnation misunderstanding ineptitude fury wars cruelty subservience imbalance battlefields blunder collapse blockage unflufillment delay dowm the drain graft waste sickness red tape political pressures irresponsibility centrifugal force all loss dogmatism ugliness patronage disintegratin muddle lies and excuses sperative thought hate annihilation destruction darkness and death the gutter

how bout a solution that requires no money church government school community institution of any type ascended masters work group seminar retreat investment or surrender of anything other than lack of perception

the movement only requires communications -- the ultimate opportunity to take it to a sovereign level and passively be present to the entire grid ...a condition that already xists minus the knowledge on the user end as to how the resource could be maintained and achieved on an individual basis

so people consciously learn how to form their own non federal communications networks to achieve symmetrical communications regardless of any monetary condition ...that is the first step - following steps are achieved primarily with this tool/naturally occurring resource

- a relative literal situation that has zero point attributes - for all

even your apartment is fully capable of passing full bandwidth within hours and you would easily understand the overall condition what why and hal to do far as maintain build and merge bubbles everywhere - many xist some psychic some tek some psytek some tekpsy some organic artistic some purely synthetic

running this perspective in all honesty = a solution