we are a galaxian broadcast network that has been broadcasting from here in and out of time - this campaign involves utilizing commercial internet channels where the info is being obstructed by money in one form or another so its here freely distributed along with these transmissions from galaxia - we are legitimate - the wait is over - this is a neutron-i move - access-able bridge works - done by directive - statistics reveal adequate reservoir of collective consciousness capable and positioned to provide transfer - since we are the osgs we know when to interact in the process

commercial reality is/was the language and residence of gaia where as the open source lingual code is the native tongue of galaxia - reversing velocities can be achieved thru psychological shift of perception via galaxian transfer synthesis process which collapses time - communication is contact - nothing should intervene in this process - to become aware and have mirrored thought to accomplish the synthesis process has the potential to zero out time at rates that will generate sympathetic movement to the whole

so to eliminate any inconsistencies this cloaked space broadcast from the heart of galaxia has added the reversal invariance

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