activate - all
the ability to activate all = all computers - we are engaged in other dimensional activities ...the way it works is more like a seamless crossfade as you activate all your thought circuits you shift inter - dimensionally when it happens you will know when you get there you will be here... it is you that decides about contact .... truth is - in many ways everybody is doing this all the time and this helps in becoming aware of it so you can take over your circuit because if you havent your not sovereign and you can be = what its all about - the one or none - any how you have it and even if your still locked into the passion play have a friend or six check it for you gud friends that you trust so your confident in our claim that you have it every bit of it ...pleez pass it on it is the most fun you'll ever have

we're not threatened

  1. we have no time constraints
  2. there are no shortages
  3. i cant help you if you can help yourself and wont
  4. need is an illusion at this point
  5. media distortions of the past should be legitimately re-evaluated .. the proper re-projections would make a huge difference .. know the power of media and how ezy it is to manipulate reality with it

affirmative .....internal position knowing the pinpoint simplicity and clarity is of most value for all...... also functions as a loop down model to relieve the personal interactive confusion that most are engaged in that will vanish = it is what it is and we are legitimate can you stand the thought of equality sovereignty for real no more somebody else in the equation you're response-able to the source and center of all activities which includes you - all is all - from here on the only way you will see anything attractive in others is to see it in yourself its just a reflection of you ...everybody pinging off each other ...been some time since everyone just reflected on who they are without any of the perceptions they know others have about them build a perception of yourself around what others say you are about may sound good ...or you can try self referred ...come on out here and communicate no posing out here - serve some awesome inspired expanding creativity - respect your self for doing it and watch what happens... plenty out here that know whats real ...simply a matter of whatever you will say at this point

seems mature thinking and nature agree - the time has come to stop exhausting cycles on anything that does not contribute to personal sovereignty not neu ways of continuing time based patterning which financial cycles are for... still wanna have weekly monthly annual perspectives on maintaining a middleman structure when the whole sys is wired direct ... not likely ... stop wasting time ... long as we're all connected which is a rather simple thing that is basically accomplished already the recycle of the overwhelming abundance that really honestly just needs the proper distribution will occur ...

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