in-tele-genic transfer
xtra-terrestrial in-tele-genic transfer brought forth information on the device that would provide a vision of tele-pathic frequencies . . . tele-vision ... once assembled it was apparent in its viewing capacity it provided an ability to control and program the viewer via asymmetrical signal feedbak of frequency and timing coupled with genetically controlled phonetics and geometry .... in-deed the tele-vision programs the audience - generating entire realities ... most of the viewers generating the energy to create the reality are not xperiencing it = illusion - asymmetrical viewing is herd mentality at best when surrendered to the weaker aspects of the collective psychic pool which goes by several different names according to your indoctrination in the franchise of choice = it does it to itself . . check this from an objective personal position what do you think it would be like to have no idea of all the hideous somewhat unverifiable subjective material provided by the mass media adolescence of the psychic pool - there are millions of people who are outside of this illusion complex - does that appeal

or maybe this perspective on twin streams

tele-vision of the psyche programs - tell the fathers to assume they are the ultimate authority and the signal has no capacity to effect their manhood let alone authority but to be sure and know that the children are hope/helplessly effected by the junk programming that creates this phonetic deficit - while the mums get a message promoting to them that they too are completely immune to signal due to the fact that they in the end control the men and what they will do with the authority and resources - many gals seem to take credit for patriarchal achievement but appear to have only contributed the force of feminine position which usually controls and manipulates men with ease - they look at the childrens programming as an opportunity to apply obligatory conditions on fathers and children as a scapegoat for their inappropriate authoritative manipulation . . as the messaging prompts the children to fully reject this false parental authority which has been homo-genized via this feedbak loop programming which separates everything with delusions of grandeur coupled to consumptive destructive behaviors with mind and body altering psycho-tronic drugs as a foundation to engage in a system that supposedly consists of billions of people needing to accumulate thousands to millions of markers that moronically confuse and consume time preventing the con-census reality from moving in any frequency other than repetitive historic cycles ... ouch - what a way to make a shift ... ahh - life on planet suburbia land of tele-vision

all these planned monstrous realities seem to want to take this device$ out of everyones hands be it competitive rivalry or commercial gain - what does it mean - are we all working towards the same goal

enter symmetry aka the yin yang era

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