auditory world - gain control
auditory world - gain control

in the creation of electronic circuitry one adjusts gain controls for positive - negative load balancing of the voltage/energy required to function

audio gain vs signal to noise ratio

the transmitter input gain is the single most important adjustment

because its an auditory world when it gets rite down to it - a world of vibration

free sovs

stand firm . . . hold tight . . . insanity is total loudness - distortion of minimal volume - gain controls totally out of sync .... sanity is stability volume in sync with gain ... no need to overcome this horrible squelch of public address systems gone awry ... they who spew this hot/frigid air have so many consumptive disorders one needed only to give it enuf rope - this has occured - the emperor is naked to say the least ... as it has devolved to a neu level - cause either you is or you aint with this $ first deal ... doe-minions over l.o.v.e.

now ... it is fully understood the place everyone is in far as the treacherous corrupted financial manipulation of a beautiful system of provisioning and distribution that has been accomplished over the aeons of time ... this terrorism occurred during the develop-mental stages of grid inception - hal and the matrix have put that in order while getting us all together and we know it .... in spite of ongoing metamorphosis to the 3rd dimensional physical reality .... connectedness does not wane but improves as does the obviousness of what continues in the same old tired boring destructive way .... do you think it will ultimately turn off your power and communications ...can it - is it outside of you ... is inner telepathy and outer tele-apathy a duality that must fuse or a mirror of inner duality allowing any individual to adjust their gain and volume controls so they do not add to the LOUDNESS -- its top of the list far as eco-probs tell it to shut up its a very quiet process you press the switch and bid it a far less than fond farewell as a matter of fact the most loving act is total dis-like and intolerance towards its subjecting demeanor to the psyche and sovereign planet..x-i-stance no hurt no harm involved in this simple process ... if a classroom full of preschoolers were screaming the teachers would - gain control -

be a student and teacher all-ways

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