twin streams
friendship and familiarity may be regarded as twin streams which stem from a common concept - the former has an abundance of free flowing graciousness - the latter is the super-egotistical appropriation which takes advantage of the flow by trying to divert the love-stream to suit its own ends

familiarity takes the freshness out of marriage - it blunts the eye and ear to active listening or bending to the other's point of view - it proposes numerous subtle ways to take more than it gives; to undermine respect - this attitude grows to include adultery with its disastrous consequences to the moral fibre of homes and nations

familiarity translates the perfect bonding of male friendship into the grasp of carnal knowledge - it pollutes the perfect purity of mother-love and lacing it with fishhooks of manipulation destroys the genuine leaving sorrow in its wake

man struggles up the ladder of consciousness towards the light - super-ego unable to comprehend the shimmering brilliance waits for its opportunity to make the good life seem hum-drum; to make a joyous situation go sour or stale in order to retain its dominant position in the organism; to apply brakes to the ever- increasing momentum of spiritual joy

every new spiritual idea revealed to man is an expression of god's trust and friendship; a gift of grace - new concepts are revealed when the person is operating at the apex of conscious attainment and being in grace sees things from a theocentric point of view - then as consciousness descends to a flat more rational level of operation familiarity grasps the fresh input and tries to manipulate the good to serve its own one-sided interests

familiarity is myopic and judges accordingly - it fails to consider the consequences of any remark or action upon others - or indeed the broad application of its actions on family nation or planet as a whole - familiarity's only concern is what's in it for me

familiarity goes to church on sundays professing the christian principles which affect its public image while failing to live by the spirit of the law - to this end it selects like and dislike portions of the scriptures magnifying favourite details and minimizing others - it thus divides whole law into convenient opinionated compartments thus eroding the indivisible supra- ordinate concept

respect appreciates and unifies - familiarity depreciates and separates - thus the rise and fall of persons leaders institutions and nations on the cyclical path to maturity of the whole earth concept - i pour ideas and life energy into that which will elevate the whole earth - when devilish appropriation diverts the flow to feed its own ends the life energy stream is cut off -

The familiar ear is the deaf ear. The familiar eye is the blind eye. the familiar heart holds me in its own image - judging others according to myopic super-ego bias - it sees itself as good and tempers love to fill the demands of like

the command love one another describes love with a capital "L" which excludes no one or no thing - the interpretation be familiar with one another is the devilish interpretation - the consequences in each expression are entirely opposite - the paths to heaven and hell are therein defined

the children of strong united families whose infancy was based in love and understanding and mutual respect eventually emerge as the silver seed for higher worlds to come - in all walks of life identity strength is based in parental acceptance and appreciation - for love never faileth

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