frequency signatures
the con-duct/work to the remaining contrivances of the con

zero is zero

define all info that is money-centric ,,, money may have been the way to stop the natives from throwing virgins into volcanoes however we have spun thru several millenia and its 2 dimensional limitation fails to accommodate the third dimensional reality it helped everyone migrate into let alone the fourth dimensional hyper space and its access portals to several other dimensional vortexes - it is what prevents access and is primarily being used to re-strict at this point - it has been unnecessary for quite some time ... forced upon countless generations by those genetically predisposed to controlling others and nature with their collective tyranny on the psyche to participate or/and die ...such absurd non-sense

if it requires money determine why or if there is an alternative -

make your own media instead of paying a media god

with out the use of money most of these so called civil liberties and rights are un-necessary ................ free-sovs

its likely federally owned communications systems are the only thing being controlled federally - the birds still sing and the strings still ring with little evidence suggesting its not all part of one =

those still submitting to e.l.f. based tv communications have fully re-signed to out-rite disclosure of their lust of control and that alone - you can spot his crew anywhere due to the contrast with anything natural and organic -

positioned correctly via the semi symmetrical internet concept information flos like molten lava

while the physical apparatus {tele-grid) mutated with migrated tv patterns to generate the injurenet movement - a virtual arena of psychic slashing trashing nashing and rehashing

now in the hands of those survivors of this who came forward as the best representatives for the frequency and cultural signatures = a rather large mass of sovereign communicators out for truth in one form or another if they can keep a computer connected to this viral infected trash filled conceptual portion of the neu-sphere - similar to public payphones on innercity streets however due to its limited bandwidth symmetrical nature = being able to talk back to what you are subjected to - still light years ahead of tele-vision

art fakers attempt to be

officially repetitively authentic - dinoid reptoid wanna be monkeeboys tromping around old tired geography trying to re-capture the spin component they use to abduct from the inner earth teams that pose as underground mercenaries in the liberation movement of communications whilst all their creative work is kloned and manipulated into commercial mind control mechanisms all for the greater gud - apparently - since the - its ok to pay for truth bunch - had their tubes tied after whoring so much and cannot birth creative ideas even with the famous hormone enhancement of commercial allure which also has weakened to a dim light at very best - it has occurred - there is only one

the original underground aka innerunderhypernet is over under above and below ground with a lattice of omni-dimensional hyper-networked structures coupled to a ubiquitous computing matrix that is sharable and unidentified prior to synthesis which reveals and neutralizes via xperiencing its share-ability = promote knowledge

knowledge from intelligence and truth interacting in a functional reality - the communication of how and where this occurs = wisdom = knowledge transcends and carries patterns as it activates awareness of it on a biological frequency and moves thru time effortlessly via human tele-genetic carriers = genetics = knowledge = pattern = infoknowledge fusion in any tele-genetic being can be rapidly balanced via xposure to all of the current available reflections

largest of all are the free sovs - there are huge caches everywhere - there is enough love on this planet to accomplish anything but if you must think otherwise so be it - we're just observing how the one approach weighs against the other - that weight into speed deal all so xcitingly tied together with no evidence of how such a phenomena could occur = this is a great xpereince to be appreciated and thankful for since it could not hurt in any way to support that thought while we finish synthesizing underdevleoped media disciplines into accelerated frequency signatures in persona based communication

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