trend swing
the trend swing of those seeking open media has more than taken hold

most in the know people far prefer private non federally regulated media and do not have a communications disorder in questioning their telepathic readings towards the media that stands outside of this regulated control of life - if we must be honest about it

heres how they trigger the psyche with paranoid political police state mentalities when all you wanted to do was access important information that you know xists of media thats impossible to get due to copyright control of the artists perspectives which for the most part are owned by those who use and enforce this method of controlling genetics via phonetics

discs are created equal a dvd is a dvd - as with all media there are certainly different grades but that has nothing to do with the colors of the disc which are dyes added by these control freaks who own the formats that we xchange media on and thats another story but we better tackle the easy portion first before we re-structure the mechanism -the-code.html...on that note we have the purple discs here in the free zone which are by far the most attractive so when you see one realize you have part of the neu world in your hands the world where there are no political commercial barriers between the communications of one person to another