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ego is again pushing mankind close to catastrophe ... either we each recognize the enemy within or obliterate our species

for deity says ... this is my chosen generation - technically you have advanced far enough to conquer all the problems on your sphere - there is enough to sustain all earth's inhabitants in plenty - in permitting rapid natural progress i have allowed the sacrifice of faster spiritual development - now you are an un-balanced people and i will no longer permit this situation to exist - through my servant all who are willing to understand will be given sufficient knowledge to get started on the path of spiritual evolution in terms that none can fail to recognize - each spiritual-physical being has free will to choose between two paths - there is nothing for the apathetic ... neither a rewarding physical life nor full joy in eternity - science which should be aiding natural progress is largely defeating its purpose - in confusing me with nature - it dares even suggest some alignment with deity in prolonging the life and reproductory span of the animal - nature wants quality of homo-sapiens - i want perfect homes for my spiritual children - that they may learn easily - quantity is the concern of neither - let there be harmony

planet X was brought to a halt when excessive fear began to warp carnal minds well developed by natural evolution - they were able to accept supernatural logic readily when it was offered ... for the X'ian ego was minimal compared with that of homo-sapiens - this was because they had not encountered the early set-backs which hampered the human race and excessive ego was never essential to their survival

mankind on the other hand having such powerful obstacles to overcome in his rise to supremacy has of necessity evolved an ego beyond the proportions of any other natural species - it grips his mentality - twisting his viewpoint almost to the verge of insanity - until there are very few people able to accept information without first turning it over to ego for scrutiny

see ego as a powerful black panther crouched at the entrance to the dim cavern of the physical mind - pouncing on every piece of information tossed its way by the five senses - watch this beast salivating at the jowl - ready to tear apart any item which might cause it to lose face - cast light upon its storehouse of secrets or which would even hint that it is not the all-powerful guardian of the carnal mentality - observe this panther poised ready to spring when its territory is invaded by the suggestion of selfless motivation - yet eager for knowledge which it might use to magnify its own sense of importance - hear it growl its perpetual good-friday theme ... destroy this thing that i do not understand ...fight it with ridicule first and if it persists - kill for i am the supreme commander of this human being - it is a slave to my whim - if spiritual logic is allowed to prevail i will become less... ego the servant... i will fight to the bitter end to retain my grasp

when the mind first turns to spiritual matters the adroit dexterity with which ego conducts its campaign for mastery is almost beyond belief - it soothes the individual into complacency suggesting a hundred reasons why reform should be postponed to a more convenient time - having won this first little point sweeps on to more forceful argument each time the infantile spirit raises the subject again - it points with pride to all its factual knowledge - it raises diversions to avoid closer examination of spiritual logic - if these tactics are of no avail out come egos invincible weapons ...its stored knowledge of the animal likes and dislikes to woo the victim and the initial victory is assured

it is therefore essential to start the battle with self knowledge ... awareness of the tactics to be employed by the lower self - firm commitment and constant prayer to the powerhouse of spirit is the key to conquest - to imagine for one moment that success will come unaided is to admit defeat - to succumb to egos favorite plea

the higher the physical intelligence at egos command the more forceful its tactics - a consummate liar - glib unconscionable convincing seductive indefatigable ego the master artist - clothes its vice-like grip in a velvet glove and enslaves the human race

ego has lead mankind to madness - it will never be satiated - it can devour our civilization if uncontrolled ... the writing is on the wall ... any unbiased mind can interpret the message

what does each person require of life on earth - peace plenty justice harmony of living ... and what do the underprivileged want exactly these same things - there could be more than enough to go around if luxury for the few was curbed - without the assurance that lifes good things are available for all there can be no justice on earth - no lasting peace

the black panther will writhe and snarl horribly when it realizes that this is the way things must be - go into a wild frenzy at the prospect of equal distribution - self interest will shudder at the thought of sharing what it has with others and in some scheme to excuse its reaction by tossing a few extra crumbs from its table in order that it can glow with pride at its feeling of generosity, positively purr with the feeling of self-righteousness - yet unless the motivation be purely selfless even offering the body to be burned reaps no spiritual benefit

it is wise therefore to tackle the carnal self and clarify its motivations before attempting anything more ambitious - for it is possible to spend a whole lifetime imitating goodness without ever being aware of error - the shock of realization at the time of judgement on seeing a lifetime of effort wasted must be grim

there can be no half measures - in the inner power - we try to show the hopelessness of trying to conquer the carnal with fleeting determination to improve - the lower self revels in physical pleasure - it is flatly impossible for the spirit to strive alone - teach it liberation through meditation - locate its guide and use this added insight to persistently unmask the idolatrous physical preconscious mind - shatter its delusions of its own goodness and infallibility

homo-sapien always has been and always will be instinctively animal in his reasoning

spirit alone is good

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