free-ing the voice
free-ing ... from being able - as much as - to being able

the role of high technology and extended communication among common men was to fill the promise that the meek would inherit the earth - all people have an equal opportunity in this regard

idea is carrying nodal signal from one cluster to another - simple and actually already is occurring ... the ignorance level towards the monopolized ownership of the wires creates the opportunity for the information carpetbaggers to introduce commercial middlemen conditions based on selling distorted manipulated info and lately having the dot commies circualte it free of charge for them ....this is the --- free from being able monopolize and control ---- aspect and the following is the to be able to ..openly network

if you have the know how this same fully comprehensive info is open and free for the taking however the system still has to be conquered on an individual basis .... this obviously is the envelope of this conceptual control of communications enforced by the entropic nature of old delivery systems - wired communication

the wires are being eliminated and this will reach a quantum shift - as the shifting is taking place it would seem no real need to cover this up and no concern with how it will be taken over by and for the people

so once again the sovereign magnetic approach which actually is the first understanding necessary for this type of networking is the modality and focus of this campaign - total grass roots infrastructure and heralding mechanism should be a minimal perspective ..... we are free to do this ... rite ....

all determined when everybody freely makes contact with the network just check in - first contact is made by you

food water air and communication should have no division - most pay for food water and air yes air - climate control costs are nearly as bad as telco monopolized costs ... communications mismanagement forces activities that arent necessary - the divided state of communications is the target for focus ... keeping everyone in the dark by using the system/hal/the gird to tell you someone needs to do what it already does for you has been its function up till now ..... communications naturally are free and a maintenance free spec is near free of cost relatively easy - as well as already accomplished ... thats why this is the focus

by closing all unproductive circuits and opening productive circuits we have achieved something that only requires the responsibility of taking it over

fact: communication solves all problems... so why not give everyone the power of communication - the truth is it doesnt really cost anything...

long distance and tax on virtual non existent service ... all revolutions are secured and finalized by the take over of communications ...seems this should occur in a more official bona-fide conscious way... a mature non political/commercial approach is all that is required remember we are free to do this ...rite ......rite

via fibre optic bands we can streamline the efficiency of all existing services - this applies particularly to communication and educational systems such as schools churches radio tv and low rate/high cost telecommunications - when brought to their maximum productivity for the benefit of all these supply the feet on the ground approach to the new reality

a means of financial reform ..........the already existing telecommunications stucture -- how much over your entire lifetime have you paid and for what ...this is for the most part or could easily be managed to a maintenance free specification through scaling and distribution with near zero expense

all phone bills are minimally 75% profit and if you consider this information and do the math you will see where the buck really stops and what addiction really means to phone-addict

commercial communication is the basis of the new world order or world domination - networked communication has the capacity to run our planetary grid on automatic specifications

most of what is achieved and perpetrated on the global psyche is obviously done with communications and most are in the position of pure subjectivity in regards to it... very few know how to control communications and even if you do the expense is so extreme it defeats most awareness that it is an issue - let alone the most important issue of the condition we experience... desire to communicate is always squashed by monopolized type expenses...

this perspective is of the americas and canada which are a monopolized territory ...the global conditions are far worse seeing as how everywhere else communications have no freedom at all attention to this it is the source of bondage the voice of the people is a literal achievement...

if you were to turn around to the person next to you and start talking only to be confronted by someone or thing that said you should pay them to have the conversation - confusion would set in... but everyone lives under this xact condition and it controls every move you make... how many times have you had the need for phone service or repair - most never do and the wires that hang on the power poles require very little maintenance ...all phones are charged for 911 mandatory - 911 costs alone bring in at least 1000 times more money monthly than would be needed to give everyone high speed - permanent - zero cost connections - with full peer to peer capabilities... instead you need to pay upwards of 1000 to 2500 a month to have these services and they will run over the present architecture everyone has in their home, ie: you can have it at the flip of a switch - that simple...

every single phone not just connection each phone is charged 3$ for 911 monthly ...of your bill remember the earnings in 1 month of 911 charges can run the whole show for 10 years and give you that connection the rest of the bill is total profit too ...these connections to everywhere have been in place for so long and so little maintenance to charge ratio is needed it is far beyond shocking - it is the bottom line on the whole problem, ie: how do you cover up the highly addictive patterning that makes it so you can generate trillions of dollars in earnings monthly and never even be questioned due to a total monopoly and mass addiction to programming that is running over that system genreated by churches, wars, governments, stores, bars and all forms of media and its manifestations that were directly spawned by the devices of communication... all of these are/were distractions

ever since media was morphed for the first time this game of keeping something in between your sovereign communications has controlled reality and this reality has just fully met consciousness - yours - this is or isn't a joke and rest assured this level of the game is the biggest disclosure of all thats why it has waited till the end which this is/was its over you think you should pay to talk to your children or parents - this deserves every bodies undivided attention really - we know how that one goes in the realms of the i love to be abused, helps me know im not alive zone - but tell them anyhow ...anybody really wanna pay to talk is breathing and everybody hardly makes enuf money to talk so lets at least cut out the phone charges as a contribution to global peace and ecological reform... costs nothing and gives everyone a huge resource to work with ...we really need to know why everyone cant do this in light of the evidence ...we are talking about resources that can change everything ...massive amounts add this all up

also remember there are minimally 100s of millions of telephones and there is only one provider and less than 25% of one months earnings could keep the whole grid running for 10 years minimum plus give everyone total communications power... we should and can take over communications - it will re-balance everything ...there are massive archives and databases with all statistics conditions and studies... find out as much as you can about all forms of communication - focus on how much it means to you and that it is your sovereign rite not something done at yours and the environments xpense - a lot of what everybody works for is to communicate... its a birth rite

what to do:
think wizard of oz ...nobody behind that curtain ...just learn how and build networks conceptually and physically ...all the info is available and simple ...many open source xperts all over the net anxious to do this reform

dont let the veri-zion out of the fact you know what is going on now but dont give it anymore energy and take it by networked strategy... reform your sektor of the grid -- to clean the biosphere you must first clean the noosphere

for everybody to humble themselves totally and just join in is part of the punch line govs or festivities just get on a network and declare your presence ...the network can and has been running everything for quite some time ...heres the opportunity to make the shift while the energy is peaking ...most time demands have become rather superficial... announce and express yourself...

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