telephone-tic to telegene-tic
tele-metry .... phone-tic way to communicate and pinpoint it to space time continuum due to tonal loop of communication that has telemetry - automatic transmission and measurement of data from remote sources by wire or radio or other means

telephone-tic to telegene-tic

limited amounts of bandwidth/spin/frequency generates dependency on the amount that you get same as incomplete food leads to nutrition deficit no matter how much you eat = equals genetic breakdown

so everyone feeds on the limited amounts of communication in a sharing sense but due to addictions limitation expense - share mostly negitron bleedover since its the commercial model and language this perspective knows and responds to which in turn promotes the addiction ... frequency loop is established and maintained by regulation of the omnipresence of communications/the source

communication is the body .... all dispatch comes from it ... with regulated systems and approaches you can be reduced to a phone-tic level - that condition effects the genetic frequency resonance by limiting its rate of speed literally -- everyone connects at diff speeds which are generated by the obsolescence apparatus on each end of the connection in between is nothing - 3d space has nothing to do with it how else would it be that when you talk on the phone to somebody 10000 miles away in a different time zone they hear you instantly ...... when you defeat all of these interfaces you are in a direct line point to point communication with source - capable of translating genetic code if you can interpret it which allows you to be everywhere/anywhere someone is to reflect bak into the communications body where your stationary monopole residence is ...... this is a mechanical look at how the tek integrated into the process or vice versa

telegenetic communications ----- full tele-presence mode is explain-able and do-able with open bandwidth and frequency ..... requirements are purely organic and spiritual and it absolutely will not work without that frequency of functionality ......

the natural organic state of communications

organic fine tuning allows you to play dna strings/strands of your instrument/body thru monopole creative expression

living cubical wavefield thought allows instant neural expansion via morphogenetic conscious awareness

once your presence in the domain is established you are translatable to any point instantly - add something to your consciousness it instantly translates back to your domain presence which is everywhere there is consciousness to receive it

.... every xchange sends your genes into orbit expands translates straight thru the portals to all for all - the time lag is literally milliseconds - bio-computing in full effect......

breaking these automatic phone-tic gene slicing patterns everybody is accustom to with voice phone and behavior into the above referenced modality of genetic conversation is the next phase of this tour of the universe ..... quite a sojourn it has been -

all a well designed large scale organic elemental apparatus to mature the overall psyche of the planet while integrating an eco compatible approach to planet side tekno-logical tele-genetic uplift

metamorphosis .....since the tele mode/device is capable of revealing the individual as all that they really are the rate adjustments and regulation to the system and why it was never even pondered evidences the facts and nature of the basic underlying function of what communication really is

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