velocity curve

1943 - phiX 1 in which opposing force fields broke laws of time and of gravity to help us understand the larger application of this electromagnetic event - a portal was opened for travel back or forward to any point in time and space - it was never closed and a number of activities and xchanges have become part of the fabric of tristate living in the north eastern US - many of the veils have been lifted - these next disclosures will show these xperiments in time travel yielded immeasurable resources and findings

with the start of phiX1 a cloaking and neutralization of 3d space that altered into a 40 yr warp of telepathic/phonic connectivity (TV radio telephone) revealing interdimensional access entries for time travelers

phiX 2 bio filter resonance allignmenet

gaining access followed by transmissions and breifing on mission objectives and directives - a process filtering cultural and genetic materials for compatibility with higher frequency activity - asymetrical analog radio wavelength braodcast system opens to extra terrestrial interaction via psi influenced programming

phiX 3 telegenetic integration

chemical alterations coupled with high frequency channel based signal escalates message entering the physical anatomy - genetic upgrades and modifications to the synthesized group via hyperdimensional directive and alignment

phiX 4 interdimensional migratory coordinates - grid activation- cyber membrane in place briefing on navigational technique for hyperspace connectivity - locations telemetry being revealed and established - database with operating system implimented

phiX 5 atmospheric substance generation - arrival - access gained open environment totally complimentary to objectives - velocity curve applied generators producing substance timewarp

phiX5 commencing - UAC - generating planetary substance for the continued synthesis of the crust and its inhabitants - back to a balanced healthy state - we offer these reflections - the log delivers us into a time segment adequate and developed with a physical counter space to reflect these images of a simplicity in approach that yields transformational atmosphere - accumulated autonomous networked realities functioning likewise and the atmospheric substance those alternate locations produce brings on a view of the planet runnig on a higher vibrational resonance yielding massive amounts of energy in simply connecting the concious awareness to the fact it is fully realized - phiX 5 an overiding signal of substance

lifestyle adjustment seems to be within tolerance levels - possibly there is a transitional time window before introducing full scale applications of things we know have xisted for some time - regardless of xpense all alternatives could be implemented if the psychic climate was perceiving a next level functionality with free floing photonic energy being produced from conciousness xchange as well as solar activated collectors storing giant caches for clean interdimensional travel - magnetic scaling - solar and photonic silicon based apllications resulting in electricity scaleable to massive proportion - thinking current conditions have several other variables to accomplish before full implementation

what we're seeing is mass xtra terrestrial frequencie manipulation - the nature of the data presents relativity that releases the limits of ingrained pattern that prevents xtra dimensinal perception of solution that is not calculated do to ignorance of componenets and pyschotronic blocking of the frequencie bandwidth by power of suggestion - this is artificial intelligence that manifests in the form of factual data differnt than intuitive knowledge thru xperience - the shift of current is a pre state for an electronic revolution that is about to oocur - the alrternative solid state mode of electronic hypertelecomunications is going to generate a realm of possibilities beyond our dreams

to the 2008 launch phiX 6 -life as - with full time travel teleportation capabilities to land precisely in 2013 - a complete overview and conformation the chrononauts have been instrumental in moving a substantial portion of the continuum to a next level positioning for enhanced operation - transmissions verify breakaway velocity and departure - the log works backwards from 08 to millennium - 8 year curve collection for acceleration of energy and substance to launch time warp - next level controllability of moving larger amounts of consciousness thru a time field with enuf precision to regenerate at any future date

velocity curve 3-07 to 3-08

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