life as

log 1-1-2013 --- 2008 departure and curvature for transport and translation - landed precisely as calculated all projections confirmed - experiment successful

futurists - all that follows is a view of how this fabric of time is manifesting and interactive with all that goes on in this dimension as well as key to the access of other dimensions

there is no dimension without time - dimension is experiential it is of time both physical and energetic - dimensions may be expressed in magnitudes of time - what we call length is a duration of experience and is always measured in time

time is always now and obviously foundational to the wavefeild consciousness of the polaric minds past and future means of using it to move - the process of balancing this activity is the goal - perspective on this core function and how it extends to the entire thought process becomes apparent and accessible - balancing the thought process with time as the breath of linear reality now having been complimented with the nondistance nonlinear hyper networked mechanism

tron - trace route on = ways and means to produce telemetry providing coordinates to move and travel - show straigt lines of telemetry producing the curvature in space resulting in atmospheric conditions to magnetize life forces for planetary substance generation

megatron = understanding and structure of large scale operating system OSGS

crystal chip - device with infinite memory capacity capable of bio integration and implantation in user

plus time = real time on the clock and calendar - scheduled distance sensitive realities that require larger divisions of time to move and access

minus time = online grid time non distance sensitive the amount of travel time is basically nonexistant

these are the basic components that couple with your consciousness to gain mobility and access --- this condition has aided the movement out of the polaric field of consciousness and taken many travelers to another realm of unified thought balanced environment and resource synchrony - starting to perceive and pass on the verified approach as an application to further solution is worth a try - this is basically a thought perspective to apply to what is going on how its going on and being more interactive as an evolutionary movement in making futures manifest

the virtual teleported reflection of time travel coupled with more conventional methods that many do without even knowing are about to merge and shed light on a perception of us as time machines creating a conscious awareness flo of environmental conditions and atmospheres that are generating the current continuum and physical space manifestation of consensus psychic resonance while synthesizing the info and maintenance for that reality with the flo back thru the time machines

the time element is how we are making our way thru survival loops atmospheric changes and most things core and center to any individual - associating to time travel aspects and approaches as an integrated awareness practice and development same as any other discipline or practice is more than valid - it is primary like breathing eating sleeping - every single day every single person moves some time around and generates the consensus field - it has all of its historic aspects and since the net most of it is available in multimedia

---- as everyone has been synthesizing we have been accelerating the consensus field with awareness levels unprecedented - net effect - accelerated right out of the time field and back - time travel under basic control by each individual - what we are doing is accelerating our own evolutionary process with our ability to reflect in and out of historic channels and apply knowledge caches now available via the network - that knowledge creates balance with applied creativity and productivity for solution of which there is more than enough - the issue is time again - how fast can we get the solution to the problem - we continue to increase momentum fix problems and gain insight on life as a time machine

current effect of net time travel is - user to location for assistance has logarithmically accelerated and with enhanced bandwidth and processing power coupled to nano tek resources physical transfer thru interdimensional space is close at hand - more than likely several applications will be introduced to focus this form of movement/travel into a next evolution in using time in much more exciting ways with our non time positioning and capability via network telemetry and telepresence

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