the * noosphere will be the inescapable and irrevocable new reality - the science and art of crystal chip mirrored time considered as a whole system where science is knowledge and art is practice - time gives mathematical precision to the fourth-dimension - time not as duration but as synchronic order - allows our entire vision of reality as a species to reorganize and establish at a higher harmonic

crystal mirrored science is practiced by chrononauts - a chrononaut is a student of the technology of fourth-dimensional mirroed time - also understood as the science and art of telepathy - the mastery furnishes the chrononaut with the goal of a new embodiment of human wisdom

the time travelers are not publicity hounds - they work in the background - assisting humankind in our scientific philosophical and spiritual growth - occasionally the time travelers are recorded in history and religious scriptures as gods - mythology is full of references to these chrononauts - they repeatedly say that they engaged in all sorts of genetic experiments with our species