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2001 telepresence teleportation experiments projected destination was future date 2014 - from a stationary position telemetry can be generated to realize travel without movement - the when of going is usually as much a component as the where - astrology reflects these gates and openings as opportunity to connect and synchronize in time - like an interdimensional call - everyone is use to their voice and conscious moving in and out of time in a non distance sensitive condition - the atomization level of our physical structure can be guided effectively with our conscious focus a fixed telemetry and the proper discipline to move thru time with more flexibility then we already have - arriving in the 2014 frequency in 2001 revealed that time as most knew it had ended - many were confused and fearful with the lack of their clock and sense of time - not enough time to make enough to have time enveloping reality - effect of false exchange reaching dysfunctional level - the overall psychic climate was very compressed with confusion and lack of background in things that were always occurring and being done that now required a new approach and focus - how we move thru and produce time - communicate non distance sensitive - as well as interdimensional communications since the cyber dimension opened access to hyperdimensional realms - this has now occured

arrival at end times confirmed by solution and alternative application in the form of a stop time device allowing adjustment of polaric patterning to balanced non time environment - this can be very uncomfortable and even more psychologically challenging - a true sense of stopped time realeases large amounts of energy into your new state of telepresence - a focus and awareness resonate with an interdimensional carrier wave to move one from point to point with an entirely different perspective - continued practice in expanding our conscious awareness of our pre occupation with time travel and telecommunications on multiple platforms and frequencies will aid greatly in furthering the continued development and structural integrity of this highly sophisticated gridwrk that has manifested in less than 100 years with a phenomenal lack of overall awareness to its extra dimensional origins - rtrn2srce = natural calibration and synchrony with the elements - a requirement for interdimensional travel and insight to origin and source of the directives - no movement can be achieved with forms of AI - OG organic guidance provides the filtering to migrational activities

telepresence training stage to bi locating in mass adoption - screens all over the grid receiving far more advanced telemetry and personal coordinates to an individual than most are comfortable with - also a huge variable in the interdimensional noise and fall out from these new arrivals and connections

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