point of presence

pure research - on the personal media revolution - how to apply it - monitor growth and mutation / abstraction variable coupled with artificial intelligence now developing naturally - occurring via cumulative data and rapidly taking over most of the user base - current research in realigning neural net to organic intelligence synthesis hybrid thru the science and art of crystal chip mirrored time

vitarka - the neutral biocomputer state - the state for the absorption and transmission of new ideas - for the reception and transmission of new data and new programs - doing teaching and learning with maxiumum facilitation - neither in a positive or a negative state - neutral - on the earth

usnisa - no individual is immune and no one can go it alone - its about networking to maintain integrity inside of this ever growing field of artificial intelligence - an organic spiritually based guidance collective of conscious creative members able to check artificial system levels with spiritually developed integrity which provides a natural resonant frequency in a solely frequency based reality lacking physical form - the spiritual conscious component to our physical bodies has the transcendental ability to move freely in these artificial environments - the outer world reflects this collision of matter and spirit - the task at hand is bringing balance with a continued development and integration of our transient aspects

neu-ark - to communicate primarily with color and sound - for universal interpretation - to consolidate polarity to solidarity - a data base of visual encounters from various threshold crossings - a log of spontaneous occurrence ark lighting the canopy of comprehensive functionality

arkatron collider - a component of the substance generator producing vibratory spin patterned sequence codes in musical forms - transmitting to generate magnetics into the core and atmosphere of the alterdimensional reality - colliding genre generated fission frequencies into a fusion of hybrid cultural elements merging with their cosmological origins

the crystal dome foundation and power source is based upon an 8ft high 35ft circular stone structure imbedded underground for highest resonant response - spinning multiple servo powered sound fields into an ultra high frequency broadcasting network of supercomputers for omni-directional audio visual projection colliding and transport

this craft has negotiated several different star systems and countless uncharted sectors and frequencies - transmitting and receiving in terrestrial and xtra-terrestrial dialects

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