field generators

several different perspectives on activities we are dealing with as a constant source production of time and the measure of it = time travel as something core like breath spirit soul - time consciousness being a foundational component of human being - supposedly sets us apart from other manifestations of natural life

astrology and numerology as time reflections show us how time and space function to provide atmospheric conditions for life and personification with its various colors/frequencies - the when and where of an individuals origin provides entry and exit parameters - the disciplines provide ways to stay in tune with your celestial origins and source while gaining knowledge and skills for navigating

a conscious time cell in the heavenly bodies = you and your telemetry encoded for the rtrn2srce

unlike many phenomena masses subscribe to - most people believe in time like the breath of life - time as the breath of life - most indigenous perspectives of time reflect the cyclic phenomena in these ways - this is a contemporary view of how cyclic traditions still manifest

all aspects of life honestly have no reference without this essence - just as the air is the atmosphere of the body - so time is the atmosphere of the mind

the saying is - i will make time for it - producing time intelligence for the psychic pool of resonance which translates into audible sound that most access thru phonetics - what we are doing with it - what it is doing to us - conscious communication as a vehicle for transcending components

the sun's crystallization power is measured in digital units - seconds minutes years centuries aeons and so forth - revealed in the millions of photos xchanged every second reflecting/crystalizing a past moment generating a future now xperience for the receiver

one person tells a story of their past or of a future they are going to manifest - takes the time to tell it and produces the time travel xperience to the receiver of the story - a large amount of this production and travel going on constantly

if a group was doing something that would take 3 hours and got stopped 45 minutes in then started after waiting 30 minutes in a certain way time stops and doesn't start till 30 minutes of non time to the project go by - the travelers that were going to get to their destination in 3 hours now have been delayed making the journey 3 and 1/2 hours - it didn't add 30 minutes to the day but for the individuals involved it added 30 minutes that had to be factored in - large amounts of unique manifestations of time playing off a clock with 24 hours creates a picture of pulsing ebb and flo from ways everybody adds and removes time from the collective

if everybody stopped doing what they were doing and went idle in the same moment there would definitely be an effect - this reflects the opposite and how everyone is creating the flo with what they are doing - time is what holds it together and keeps it from falling apart - also reflects how we are generating all the time - literally and figuratively

this factors into the whole of the continuum at a base foundational level - how everybody is doing this in some way or another all day and night never stops - with life and death as state changes this would apply as a flo of activity to attach to in the cyclic manifestations of the lifeforms - science fiction perspectives of things that are being experienced

plus time negative time - the time travel aspect in the polaric realm is the vehicle/ tool/ device/ concept that makes leaving the polaric field possible - could also be the main underlying purpose of the phenomena - whether its timed or timeless it provides a way to measure most aspects of our physical and spiritual realities

tie in how many people there are now and how fast time is moving - when you reflect on past times with far less people there is also a notion and perception of time moving much slower people living shorter lives much longer to get from one place to another in times moving slower in/thru time - still may have resulted in as much xpereince in a shorter time as we have in a longer because of how fast or slow the whole of humanity was moving time in the past - now time moving faster generating longer healthier life for far more people - upholding the pace of time with the tek and focus in creating our reality

everybody working all day producing time for whatever they are doing - the way photosynthesis produces air - a bi product essence from all of the activity and energy produced is time - everyone from early age supports their past present and future manifestation of time it is very personal and very real - time defines the uniqueness of all individuals - the idea is collectively its the conscious awareness making the fabric of time

a thought is how inseparable - time as the fabric of consciousness and consciousness as the fabric of time - oneness that is the beginning and end goal of most teachings practices and disciplines

large scale applications of the megatron - a system for running unified field generators

starts with beats of your heart the field of that alone when it comes to 7 billion people is quite a movement - very good way to see scale of every living being counting and creating time - enough to support the holographic generators in providing a continuum with alternative signatures gateways and vortexes for maneuvering while maintaining the consciousness and physical dimensions accessible for experience education evolution solution - seems to be a limitless realm of alternatives provided by the time

media is time travel - cars and aircraft are time travel - music is time travel - music begins with silence/ zero no time then starts a clock that you travel on for the duration of the count - music is a way of producing clear time not interrelated to other sources - starting a series of spontaneous now moments that take the passenger thru an atmospheric passage of time - start from zero and manifest a future to an end - time is a primary substance - space can only be determined by the time it takes to move thru it - seems like everything has to have time to xist and consciousness to realize time is the main foundational component of most operation - who owns your time owns your mind - own your own time and you will know your own mind

time is precious - we can spend it like money - how we choose to invest time and the intensity with which we do so determines who we are and what kind of personal talents we will gather in our lifetime on earth

developing the relationship and synchrony is key - as time returns to light - light as illuminated conscious awareness of infinity and the eternal now - light of sun by day - heavens by night - reflects the awareness of consciousness in the time cell - light in your dreams

hydrogen = gas - oxygen = gas - combined produces water - time waves moving thru atmosphere connecting polaric energy of hot and cold the measurement of velocity is mph = wind - mycelia - electricity - time - mind - words

one thing for sure - the resources we use to accomplish things are very magical - something seems to be looking out for our development - time travel is a way to connect to the unified field source

meta literate illuminational time transfer

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