the law of compassion
the law of compassion is embraced as the kumara of death is transcended - the fear of death perhaps more than any other fear causes humanity to be non-compassionate towards one another - the fear of death and dying underlies all other fears within the human form and gives fuel to fear itself

the fear of death is a biological genetic belief - unless one is faced with their potential death through the death of a loved one or an illness of some sort this fear becomes buried into one's unconscious - it is the fear of death and genetic or soul-related memories of starvation that cause individuals to hoard resources - it is the hoarding of resources which causes individuals to justify their actions through judgment or competition - the hoarding of resources or greed causes the fear pain and suffering experienced by others in homelessness and starvation - the fear of death underlies all other fears

as the fear of death is transcended, initiates begin to embody compassion - compassion is unconditional love in action - compassion is the vibration of love that flows through one's heart to every one and every thing regardless of who they are regardless of what race or national background they embody regardless of how much money that they have and regardless of the nature of their thoughtform - compassion is unconditional love in action

as an initiate embodies compassion, the love generated in their field begins to have global impact - such compassion which is a golden pink color fills the auric field of all initiates who have embodied a state of harmlessness - it is the vibration of compassion that allow the masters from so many dimensions to penetrate third-dimensional consciousness and bring forth national and global healing to all of humanity and the earth mother - as more and more initiates embrace a state of compassion the level of healing offered to the rest of humanity will increase exponentially

as one per cent of the population attains this state the earth mother will have the potential of making her physical plane ascension - it requires each initiate to do their part upon their own path of ascension to fulfill this mission - it is the difficulty of the task at hand that causes the order of rize (in their assessment of the earth plane) to recognize that a physical ascension of earth may be too difficult to bring forth given the level of unconsciousness of the majority of humanity at this time in history - however - regardless of whether earth ascends or not - for those within humanity who wish to leave and move to the next dimension the potential for their individual ascension is being made available to them at this unique time in history

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