transferring a lifeform

to know - make impact - create synapse

transcendental software group launches planetary substance generator

terra forming lingual code thru silicon membrane via human anatomy concious filter architecture - generating atmosphere thru transposing focus frequency

radio age - tele-vision - merge into a hyper formation thru digital tele-communications = movement of electricity in transferring a lifeform

migration to higher frequency existence

arkatron scalar mechanism couples to holographic generators to re-sync neu semantic code with xtended efficiency - understand literacy and its levels - remove coercive psychic trigger mechanism built into lingual code from academic perspective creating a condition that allowed mandate of laws designed and enforced by this manipulation of the lingual code in concensus use = the word = there is a way of using the basic format that is understood - by removing the psychic identity triggers as well as the tonal designed to trigger the neuro-transmitter system into a polaric xchange internally and xternally - the phonetic alphabet creates a perceptual balance which is primarily visual - the written word is an abstract form of an emotional experience

balanced phonetic messaging can relax the neuro-transmitter into a state of balanced polarities - not having them be instigated by a dialog of phonetics designed to attract your energy into a competitive survival loop against an opposing force - unified thought generates a condition for either a positive or negative carrier wave to reflect upon its polar image - xperiencing the net effect of the polaric system delivering its components what they require to generate a neutral photonic energetic state of escape velocity into the unified field of activity - the unified field is an infinite terrain that as far as we can tell has always been a resource rich atmosphere providing xtreme polaric xperiences to developing lifeforms moving thru advanced genetic structuring that conciously reveals imbeddible patterns to modify and evolve the user and xperience that results from the interaction

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