essence of intention

crystal seed formula reveals fractilization of mind

things start with small innovative visionary types generating magnetics around a particualr phenomena - internetting as one of those went the usual route in - its starts with the 1 in a 1000 type individuals connecting their database to a collective open pool of info - since then the .com delusion haunts many with a notion that is the main or only use of this interdimensional gridwork - of course that is not true - anyhow as the 1in a 1000 group finds each other maagnetics start to accellerate - first the masses come in 10 of thousands then 100s of thousands then millions now billions - prior to the net phenomena the 1in 1000s group were wondering if there was any volume to their community at all only to watch it accomplish the original new age harmonic convergence of conciousness thru the photonic energy belt into a neu planetary atmosphere in the unified field - wave field thought - breaks the code and migrational patterns develop - within this pattern structure - traditonal mindsets start to encounter turbulence and confusion in understanding that the way you get to a position may be quite different than what is required once you arrive - that gives a perspective that now because the billions of uninformed now using the medium with fears and paranoias that are invalid in this virtual reality have transplanted the original smaller group - this also is not true - after the 1in 1000s group found they were substantiial in number - it was followed by a self empowerment revelation that turned the size of that group into 1 in 100 maybe even more - still that could seem small compared to the billlions migrating from inferior media environments however now the original group of innovators has grown in number far beyond its original status with that much more dynamic potential to acheive - it does - this is true

the grid AI is helpless without this organic code - a human membrane tele-bridging a concious migration from one frequency to another moving the vehicle into its next time sector to sync lock with the functional revolution that has made this comprehensive fully sharable modality positioned in the core - alligned to the megatron matrix for translating the essence of intention - all is well - for all those who bet on a happy ending - the current timeless overlay that was generated by the actual non-movement functionality that scale free internetting creates was designed and engineered in the tsg labs - there surely has been no gap in continuity and the activation directive that it has been working thru has omitted certain aspects of cyber mutated forms and antiquated applications that limit access and are only present via total ignornace of interactions occuring with functional telecommunications and organic telepathic communications - how large amounts of users are in a mixed soup of interdimensinal crosstalk - waiting for the thing that is going on to happen

a discipline of distracting your self from the distraction that will discipline you if you dont

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