another planet

guided approach called for creating a space in the electronic continuum

if human population moves from millions to billions in a relatively short time and is looked upon as a whole it becomes a matter of the psi paths traversing the collective vibrations and inhabiting conducive voltages created by elementals and conscious feedback which generates habitable hosts - either everybody is american or no one needs to be american

american as/was a point of focus in a multiplicity of iconic and metaphoric ways - gaining its status thru highly advanced telecommunications - it effects and in most cases controls all other forms of communication within the electronic grid matrix where several billion have migrated - the depth of this phenomena is mostly out of conscious range for the non tele-genetic minded - uses of tele no other place in the world even seems to know xist let alone understand

the ultimate seperation/unification

canadians are americans - everybody from both continents north and south are americans literally ........ united states = epicenter of this activity - cultural mixing pot - so multi and comprehensive it could be that most of the old afro/eurasia world and neu could be considered american

becoming a citizen of the united states is something wholly other - united with the source of inspired opportunity - ultimate unification with the obvious advantages that would represent - everybody wants a US passport and most of the world follows its communications signal with enuf attention to keep it as center and most influential in spite of everyone knowing a large portion of it is totally inconceivable - all of these aspects are not geographic so physical countries / americans are quite large and irrelevant at this point due to megatron grid activities

U nified S pace N etwork I ntelligence S ynthesis A lliance

U nified S pace N etwork I nfrastructure S ervice A ssociation

on these old worlders who invaded the americas - obviously many came to carry on old world behaviors in a neu place - it is left to actual human beings with spiritual vision to resist all activities that do not translate into individual sovereignty

xample is as all the internal free zoners who realize this freedom bit is the biggest hoax and means by which this psychology is perpetrated start resisting - setting up independent collectives and groups (non-oc/cult) followed by networked acceleration of internetting to continue demonstrating the real intentions and capabilities of the psycho-foundation that was in control as well as what was replacing its dominance - this has escalated to a resource abundant reality with millions of journalist in the position to and more than recklessly speaking their minds

this type of early support to the free zoners in the trenches defying the real destructive forces gives the obvious perspective - most know whats wrong - as far as we can tell everyone is more than clear on what they dont like about conditions and transmissions from the epicentre - point is - the buzz word american is purely a media tool - removing it could create balance for there are no separate countries in a unified world - since you can pick up a phone and talk to someone just about anywhere in the world this diplomatic political confusion of quarantined sections of geography with names and capitalist laws may no longer be necessary

turn off your tv and scale free applications - watch what happens

its a communications caste system regulated by bandwidth - there are no countries - more a psycho geographic flo path - multi cultured migration from all land masses on the planet to select locations in north america - possible the climate differences resulted in the variations of phenomena along with translation of it - psi borders are - freedom perspectives - paralleled east coast canada/US freedom entry points in time provide geographic migratory path leading into the cyber hyper terrain of multi-dimensional reality and time travel - many abductions are likely occurring within the masked context of one reality going un noticed amongst layers of xperience and cross field activities in densely populated areas - being masked by the psychic interpretation - a neu world realization of xtra terrestrial reality and its alien old world counter part - a ghostly batch of old genetic code looking for an intelligence synthesis tool to release it from its psycho captive borders that went on to develop into countries

as the migration climaxes the mixing pot generates a totally homogenized form embodied by the life forms occupying the west coast of the US borders with its capital and center the city of angels - enter demons to build ultimate illusion factory - until now all media had two faces - in the middle of the city of angels lies hollywood where all of the programming and instructions to carry out this synthesis were spread via the telecommunications grid - out past the cultural synthesis lies the newly forming land mass of the psi the hawaiian overlay - growing in size at all times truly a barren paradise like wilderness - in many ways soon to be a continent - regarded merely as a state within the psycho boundaries of the US concept - many experiments are conducted at this theatre of operation - very instrumental in tieing old world neu world psi parameters via xtra terrestrial realities advantage in revealing itself with the aid of paradise elements -then on/into the virtual limitless - cyberspace another manifestation of free zone activities and the planetary telecommunications grid it created to carry out the genesis

this constitutes the psychic migration across physical geography to generate a conscious hybrid of the collective human xtra terrestrial modality - in this accelerated shifted functionality where commercial consuming creates lag and drag effects it is basically eliminated - leaving the old world psychology over whelmed - current conditions = many aspects of the genetic biology stuck with archaic patterns of consumptive behavior - while the psychic revolution surfaced tek that provides an alternative of direct light current feeds that have sustaining abilities one can not perceive unless the psychological terrain and geographic perspectives grow to the next possible parameter

- - seeing the physical world thru psychotronic projections reflecting off of geographical locations

after the word virus and literary transcendence of the race we dropped off in a restricted theme park engineered by capitalist lawyers with preemptive techniques of abducting people and geography - that now is being modified back into a hybrid indigenous biodynamic natural haven of balanced weather and geography with no restrictions or false psychological boundaries - a unified space portal open to the spontaneous flo of the universe in comfort and health

in the past america = neu world ......... in the neu-world america = free zone ........ in the free zone america = another planet

the mystery that surrounds the origin of the name america saying it derives from americus vespucius or amerrique used by early explorers for the newly discovered lands reflects no definitive conclusions can be reached - too many claims are for lack of hard evidence based on speculation - theories about the true origin of the name are ultimately historical fictions - whose authors are inclined to impose their own political cultural or national agendas on the name and its origin - yet behind these fictions lie compelling views of the new world - taken together they form a multicultural vision of its distinctive character - to hear americus in the name - to hear the perpetual wind of the amerrique mountains - to hear the african in the mayan iq' amaq'el - to hear the scandinavian ommerike as well as amteric and the algonquin em-erika - to hear saint emeric of hungary - to hear amalrich the gothic lord of the work ethic and the english official amerike - to hear such echoes in the name of our hemisphere is to hear wishful projections of ourselves

the evolution in space was the americas - the united states - the internet - U nified S pace N etwork I ntelligence S ynthesis A lliance - there are no countries - time to simplify