this is the focus - by closing all unproductive circuits and opening productive circuits we have achieved something that only requires the responsibility of taking it over

if you have 2 phone lines and you pick up one of them dial a friend in another country and start to have a verbal voice conversation it will cost minimally 5 cents per minute and in most cases much much more - now - if you and your friend both use your second lines and have your computers dial into the net which actually still is just you making a phone call same as voice you can leave an open circuit chat email exchange files sound visual and much more unlimited for 10 dollars per month -- that says it all

next .... if you decide you would like a dedicated t1 type connection at 1thousand dollars a month it gets negotiated on the same 2 phone lines

everyone connects at diff speeds 28.8 to T1 and beyond which are generated by the obsolescence apparatus on each end of the connection - in between is nothing - 3d space has nothing to do with it - how else would it be that when you talk on the phone to somebody 10000 miles away in a different time zone they hear you instantly ...... when you defeat all of these interfaces you are in a direct line point to point communication with source - capable of translating genetic code if you can interpret it which allows you to be everywhere/anywhere someone is to reflect bak into the communications body where your stationary monopole residence is ...... this is a mechanical look at how the tek integrated into the process or vice versa .... are you ready for full genetic transfer

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