ark domes

doors open - doors close - the eternal quest is to find the gateway to the motherland of mu from whence we came - as time ran out finding the gate became the most urgent and essential task of the leadership of this generation - shows how and where we make a change in the cultural landscape of planet earth - an ark-dome is a place where magnetism proves itself to be stronger than gravity - here is where doors between dimensions open in various physical locations and the pilgrim exits into higher dimensions

this was the key component of the transmutation secret of taking matter back to mind across the emerald bridge between dimensions

ark-domes are gateways between dimensions - places where the green nimbus of mythical and magical templates overlap - each gate into the upper realms is represented as a single pearl - the rooms walkways and spiral staircases through which one walks are lined with pearls - each pearl is a polished work of creative art - appreciation lures us onwards and upwards - take for example the wonderful discovery by lord sandwich of how to make a sandwich and the corridor of fast food avenues this opened to keep our modern technocrats active

each level of an ark-dome corresponds to a vibe-level on the mothership

four main halls representing philosophy psychology physics and theology are decor-dated with timeless lotus pearls placed in the lower kingdom mind fabric across the ages of man - pearls come from every nation and culture from the present and into the future-past to form a wondrous tapestry of wisdom and beauty crafted to suit every possible taste

technocrat fritz perls md phd famous for his gestalt therapy often started his lectures with der are three lefles of discussion - efferyday chicken shit - da usual bullshit - und real elephant shit - tuday we spread elephant shit

like all the other mammals in natures kingdom we get our real intuitive grasp of the real world from rooting around to separate black magic fiction from the reality-facts - the pearls from the excretion of our programming - to this end most intermediate courses in our model ark domes involved observing our own trivial chicken and boastful bull excretion and examining all the other types of avoidance tactics used to delay our re-entry to atlantis - the smart dung-beetle knows that its next evolutionary leap will come from the egg that is hidden in its dung-ball

the secret is to pinpoint the nature of the beast at the foot of the throne - looking to the right or left of our own trail when shit-sifting in order to ascertain the nature of the hidden beast is self defeating - judge not - the good book says

this leads to a whole nother story in itself - it is often the favourite class at many ark-domes to hear the masters relate their own boo-boos to enthusiastic audiences - masters tell of the days when they grappled with the beasts at the foot of the throne and avoided saying the magic password hallelujah - ah what salad days we shared as adolescents in atlantis - we seek to identify and multiply the ark-dome experiment

in the beginning at the time of the establishment of our first atlantean dome - it was explained that these were actually like domed cities - visitors were welcome to come and look through the plexiglass dome to see how things went on inside - but could not enter the inner plexiglass dome of the new mini-cosmos of the new atlantis

the inner core of the double plexiglass bubble resonated at a highly extended vibrational resonance - this made our ark-domes impervious to pounding from the external kingdom - they were set up like a golden chain of hermes - ark-domes around the world - many travellers from the middle world came up to study and to duplicate ark-domes in their own home location

with the up-front re-establishment of used-to-be-secret inter- dimensional inner gateways no cosmic traveller need spend the night in the ravaged lower realms with the surface people - when preparation is complete ark-domes provide direct teleportation through the black hole back to atlantis in company of professional atlantean stewards

the global body dealing with the domes suggests that they should be listed by a credit rating in the same way as any other networked facilities by the number of bar-code tiers they each contain - a- might be considered passive - aa- is moderately active - aaa- is a fully activated domed city in the atlantis - the invisible infrastructure of an ark-dome is common - each is built like a pyramid with various access levels from a-z

ark-domes are versatile and highly flexible - they can be stretched or condensed but because they have a common infra-structure woven with cosmic gluon the fabric of the domes will never break - across time they have been enshrined in the lattice work of mystery schools upon which the vine of civilization is trained to grow in just the way the vineyard owner chose - it is the smart grape that knows when to jump into the vat to be trod into wine

people came from many parts of the world to learn how they could participate - they experienced demonstrations of interdimensional teleportation and learned how to become self-actualized and how to escape from the bondage

the matrix laid out is infinitely duplicable yet each dome has its unique blend of philo-psycho-theo-physics art and science vibe - revitalization of the globe with an extended network of ark-domes is a glowing prospect for renewed vitality - our new starship enterprise is situated in such a way that many former left-brain oriented folks yen for a sabbatical to re-orient leftie and look into the future to foresee where contraction and expansion trends will be

the word sabbath from which the term sabbatical originates deals with the feminine or blue-green yin aspect of the singular deity - divine loves cosmic womb gets stretched to its maximum endurance capacity during the six cosmic days of pregnancy - as it grows heavy with the cosmic child

then - as with all birthing processes - on the 7th cosmic day the cosmic vulva opens - this is the mysterious black hole that leads from gaia to galaxia - like a rose in full bloom - and out come the silver seeds (pearls of wisdom) - when he and she-god get to take a day off now the kids are grown up

the concept of the sabbath day is the key to one people at the end of time prophesied thru the messianic - this is how we walk over the pi-ray bridge between physics and metaphysics (+1)+(-1)=0

how big is the mirror - it can expand to encompass the universe or contract to fit into a shirt pocket - an ark-dome is both a physical place and a spiritual place - they are sacred sites where gatherings of men and angels bent on a common cause are brought to fruition - et starflight officers beam down from their command ships zip into their simian suits and mingle on the basis of equality with men as cosmic windows open and close again

atlantis undergoes constant and ongoing intellectual refinement - teachers give their services to all who want to learn and are themselves lifelong learners - the pyramid of knowledge is based on one teaching one other as is the natural way with brothers and sisters - the seven year old child teaches the six year old child and the six year old teaches the five year old child and so on - learning and teaching are part of the same circuit

our et brethren reveal that they are just a little older than humankind a little higher up the pyramid steppes that comprise the ongoing holy mountain of consciousness - each of these can be regarded as the crystal cap atop the sacred geometry of the ark-dome

welcome to the ark-dome

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