reflective perception of radio-activity

acknowledged awareness of this dimensional portal

with a perspective that our space actually possesses a slight four dimensional hyperthickness, so that the ultimate components of our nervous system are actually higher dimensional, thus enabling the human mind/brain to imagine four-dimensional space.... the three-dimensional nets of neurons that code thoughts in our brain may form four-dimensional patterns to achieve four dimensional thought. -- can we see into the 4th dimension and have four-dimensional thoughts - yes we can.... if you look at this cube for a while it spontaneously turns into its mirror image and back again - if you watch it do this often enough, the twinkling sort of motion from one state to the other begins to seem like a continuous motion.. but this motion can only be continuous if it is a rotation in four-dimensional space. it is in fact possible to turn a three-dimensional solid object into its mirror image by an appropriate rotation through four-dimensional space (a.k.a. hyperspace rotation) thus, it is actually possible for our minds to perform such a rotation. therefore we can actually produce four-dimensional phenomenon in our minds - so our consciousness is four-dimensional.

another property of higher dimensional geometry is that one can move through solid three-dimensional obstacles without penetrating them by passing in the direction of the 4th (spatial) dimension... the 4th dimension is perpendicular to all of our normal three-dimensional space directions, and so our three-dimensional enclosures have no walls against this direction.

the results of the teleportation experiments can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th spatial dimension - so that the specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them... no real dematerialization/rematerialization of the specimens takes place - the intensity fluctuations of the radio micro-transmitter specimens electromagnetic signal, and the apparent blending of the other specimens with the walls of their containers, represent the passage of the specimens through a 4th spatial dimension... during teleportation the radio signals emitted by the micro-transmitter became weak/non-existent and fluctuated - because they were spreading out into the 4th dimension and became undetectable in our three-dimensional space.... the weak signals that were barely detected represent the leakage of a portion of the radio signal back into our three-dimensional space from the 4th dimension during teleportation - the observed blending of the other specimens with the walls of their containers is how the movement/rotation of the specimens through the 4th dimension was visually interpreted by the mind

- in cyberspace we meet in the cloud which is a collective outside of our physical reality it embraces the whole planetary communications grid and beyond - a unified field - you instantly can go in and out of it - the relationship between this cyber hyper 4d manifestation and the one going on as you gaze upon the simple cube icon are unified - you can bring the field to you - the field is inside you - inside every cell - it is literally a unified field in the most naturally organic way - accessing the triangulation point - from your head to the cube on the screen - from the cloud above (that carries what you see in that triangulation) to anywhere - the amount of time so many spend in this cyber dimension has generated a metamorphosized unified mind field - lots of geometry - focused - directed

a perspective of this is an xtra terrestrial position providing electrical energy by generating dimensional perspective

reflective perception of radio-activity

mind circuits supporting - user base activity holding up dimensional vortexes which produce harmonic rhythmic structures that allow time and the reflective process the generated dimensional atmospheres

a primary aspect and make up of being this radio signal that we are - traveling upon its resonance we can consciously move to any coe-ordinate at any time - the wireless phenomena has everyone accustom to this - most are accustom to a radio signal penetrating a wall the steel capsule of their car or many other physical barriers - a wireless call to anywhere on the planet ... the reflective perception of radio-activity ... by an xtra-terrestrial observational process ... revealing the nu-clear xistence to a source flo continuum feeding a multidimensional xperiential reality .... this process when accelerated and supplied with full stable psychological understanding and discipline makes possible physical movement thru a conscious generator ... inter-dimensional radio transmission results in a revelatory truth process that stabilizes individuality

being transmitter receiver time machines = synthesis = input/output spontaneously simultaneous with 0 signal to noise ratio .. translating environment and xperience with balanced biased circuitry

electronic mind circuitry creating wavefield for conscious xperience 3d re-actionary environments and the spontaneous natural phenomena that reveals non local intelligence is fully integrated with overview positioning .... the primary basic xample of this version of the developing individual is the movement of the cube which progresses bak to this observer status of xtra-terrestrial origin guiding interactive creative processes with this natrual enviro-reality that is occurring and responding to all of the action and conscious movement

relaxing the self into the thrill of high level service oriented activity is in full dis-closure ... it is fantastic being radio active - transmitting - receiving - all working for the balance of resources - will lead to just that - at this point there are legions of truth seekers and guidance counselling in such abundance we can xpand the parameters of the functionality with active conscious 4th dimensional energy that has been revealed in this accessible way ... a simple focus on the balance of energy where ever your presence is

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