non local triangulation

can you see the cube move - how everybody is generating 4d space in many ways via tones icons words - can you imagine spending so much time being un aware that this was going on and being used to develop a neu reality .. that telecommunications has been a reflective coe-ordination re-aligning us bak to source ... the little cube on this page is more than enuf proof that all of the proposed manifestations of reality have conceptualized thru this process

the large scale effect of this movement everyone is involved in and how un conscious the perspective of it is insinuates some rather remarkable things - the possibility that something entirely balanced is really in charge of affairs - the unified persona of the individually defined radio signatures

movement over several decades of activity as well as intersecting time warps of parallel dimensional activities with kindred frequency signatures made accessible by this commonly shared cyber hyper field that so much of the prior xistence has migrated into perpendicularly - rite above your head brite eyes - non local triangulation - you and me - i and i all ways

this 4d point we all converge on thru time surrounds and is within all the physical space that we collectively encounter - as revealed by one can make a 5 way call to someone in japan australia europe russia the us south america canada and some at any time and many do this continually all day long -chats forums groups- anyhow the little cube is showing how a larger collective version could provide considerable amounts of generative dimensional power to any vortex of creative reality ... this is tek oriented in the sense of a discipline of acceptance in the truth of all of these phenomena and where it interacts with at least the media based reality that so many are consumed in is entry point .... all of this has been verified once again just by the cube moving inside your mind ... relaxing with the awesome advantage and truth that things may become very efficient balanced infinitely sustainable resources is what all have worked so hard for - the 4d unified tele-communications field which has become home to such a large percentage of the planets populace - if looked upon literally - with merely the addition of limitless bandwidth to transmit and receive across the continuum with - is a flip of a psychological switch away - the same energy moving the cubes mirror image advancing to the point of your image moving bak and forth in time

this manifestation of telegenetic travel over the conceptual protocols of the telecommunications wired and now wireless gridwork have progressed many issues to a next phase of functional activity an overall change to the system = the electrical current has shifted

everyone converging to one point and moving bak and forth with their native geographic radio telemetry = internetting - from this extra terrestrial point of perpendicular perspective how fast things can happen is amazing - it seems nothing really resides other than the knowing that you are connected to it - from a physical telco perspective - the same 2 wires used to provide dial tone distance sensitive service - provide non distance connectivity to the stationary cloud (unified field) meaning everybody is actually connected at all times and are being prevented from utilizing this naturally occurring resource - so now you know - it deserves your attention - at this point all telecommunications take place in the unified field - there is no such thing as long distance --------- oh my -------- the cats are out of the bag every where you look - cubes are spinning in the mind space of collective tele-communications

the spin --- if you look at the cube and it moves you have spin capability and the basic awareness of this and its progressive alter-consciousness that we take part in as a now acknowledged part of everyones make up is one indicator of the point in time we have arrived at - where generating spin via a 4dimensional telecommunications cosmos mutated out of the chaos of distance sensitive signal developing over time thru a tek-now-logical synchrony with the unified field has occurred

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