given moment

BIOGRAVITATIONAL field 13.13 - the truth wheel has blended the spectrum of lite forces to their source

refreshing the memory----

the stats at any given moment reveal there are massive amounts of loving acts - billions of lite hearted levitated communications that create huge energy reservoirs of positronic flo making over all tonals for the mind circuits as we project xperience bak and forth across the electronic cubical wavefield time continuum - to interact in a multidimensional xperiential way ... the power that causes all natural phenomena not known to be caused by something else

this is definable much more than understandable - the phenomena has its grasp-ability - altho why this occurs seems as far out of reach as one could imagine - gives things perspective - what why and where its going as the ever spontaneous probing anticipatory moment that allows creative perception which feeds bak into the gridwork of conscious dimensional activity providing guidance parameters thru trend swings - magnetic fashions - inspirational synchronous communications between direct transmitter receiver units - natures biological agents who are mutating along with the xperimental elemental manipulation occurring from common xperience - individual translation ... everything about this process indicates eternal spontaneity - that is x-siteing

terminals are capable of receiving full atomization level lite waves in several forms - flying across this grid of consciousness .... in many circumstances if you were to think about it nothing would occur - this amazing phenomena of generating bodies and holding them up as lite forms via the agencies of truth that animate the tonal resonance of the harmonics occurring from a synthesis of organic elementals and mental projections interacting in a musical way - bio-mutating electronics and mental projections creating ele-mentals of the neu spectrum fusion

many times the simplest of songs has the most functionality in the realms of a universal scenario ... advancing the notion that all communications aspire to more accelerated xpansive levels of rhythmic pulse and harmonic wavelength as a simple literal request to solution any issue ... a universal communications application open sourced and available to all venues .... the mind circuit board of the system has many configurations creating possibility indexes that continually expand - this high current creative energetic result generates source flo thru pre-occupied positronic service functionality ...

all in all -- a very pro-life network of communicators

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