future past = sanity / project-protect mindspace

having far more xperience with poor people since there are so many more of them - seems there is some huge gap in why or how these perceptions are in place ...none of it makes sense - one on one the prejudice is the evident common denominator - where it is placed is not as important as it being adopted and even it is not a good enuf reason for the subjectivity everyone xperiences which requires a prejudiced stance in the sense of protecting mindspace designed for sovereignty and still challenged continually in so many areas

from this vantage point it appears the rich are very poor in a majority of their limited in number situations - there are so many less -

one perspective is an estimated 11 billion people by 2013 and trends would insinuate 90+ % will also be poor - wonder if they'll still be called poor or maybe most - the meek will inherit the earth - looks like we have arrived - poor people are like the birds or insects - the so called poor folk could show where nature has placed its natural selection however they seem to be either con-fused or very generous in their giving of life energy ... nature says from a psyche point i want mostly poor people so the harder headed so called rich ones get the pic from that many more angles

drawing from xperience with 3rd world situations and colonialist capitalist infiltration of natural development - invasion of indigenous pattern ... one could see a need for a very elaborate way of nature making the point to its most challenged children by affording all of her peoples and resources to do it ... reports that the mass media has flipped - suggest this scenario is becoming evident

from working in and with third world sitautions it would be gud to note that with the advent of wireless tek providing signal is as simple as the electromagnetic current that occupies all space in question ...for 50 years - since inception - many of these locations are connected but held in stasis by private ownership masked with fcc control elements ..none the less - point is - providing tele communiations is as simple as food if not easier since it is primarily a one time event - once your hooked your hooked unless something regulates the circuits for $$$$ .... this reality is the answer to - do not have computers nor the education or language skills to access ... once connected one has access to the balancing info which includes learning how to read if need be ... this is all possible - the communication aspect is easier than the food ... also note that having the communications makes the self sustained food approach 100% more effective as you have the collective knowledge of the global communities to directly assist and guide every step of the process .... this perspective suggests that communications power would be top of the list in synchrony with and the prime catalyst in making the sustainable approach distributable globally ... a large amount of what needs to be distributed is infoknowledge .... this comes from several different studies and first hand telco endeavors with remote locations innercity and under development third world architectures ..... the knowledge suggests sovereign approaches to setting up comm networks over current architecture then assuming full administrative position as the transiton to wirless conditions fully infiltrate - which they will - its eco impact attribute demands it as another first priority

viewer on the organic edible food based condition - there are countless situations and conditions where the great mother has provided total solution only to be mistaken as more opportunity for the colonialist/capitalists to use preemptive methods to abduct the solution for their gains ... give em enuf rope once again ... nature can feed and distribute to everyone with ease ...if it is what all truly desire

on many of these issues consider the cap/law groups have set up laws and police forces to prevent solution based alternatives - that is bottom line .... next we ponder false synthetic leadership and whether or not its something demanded by slaves so they have opportunity for elite status - it is primarily a voluntary system ... high level semantics - those thinking men

hemp = the solution to all natural resources in a highly sustainable easy to maintain condition - it will never run out - as for ENTHEOBOTANY ---

on integration of psychoactives in diet - this goes bak to the most ancient behaviors and success of all life leading up to and including this moment - far far from neu territory .... observations = new age rave mentality practices with use of these agents can yield more con-fusion and many times furthers the path into an even more manipulative status with the now notion of magical mystical xpereince which in truth is just high priced self reflective intoxication ... the sync here is this is 100% food based sustenance oriented - part of any healthy diet balancing nutrition to the nervous and psychic system - psycho-organically these are family elder response-abilities passed on to tribal members at very specific times usually under the guidance of elders well versed in the growth of the individual -- there are a few questions coming up that will shed lite on this large media deception ... first the basics - food for all is simple and laced with total con-fused perspectives as to why everyone will not spend even a little time thinking it is first ....

silly notions that solutions are hard

in the neu life .... this has all taken place and the continued look the other way vanity method has dominated all channels that will not survive without capitalistic gain which has come to include so much of the battered personal psyche looking for universal solution in worshipping false $$$ godz .... we move into the final clearing and filtering of distorted destructive signal methods

everything and more is to be had by free flowing educational information across the entire communications grid of this world ... the wealth of empowering knowledge should be or in many cases is sharable - not for sale - spreading knowledge = wealth

* sane = safe, sound 1. being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; -- said of the mind. 2. mentally sound; possessing a rational mind; having the mental faculties in such condition as to be able to anticipate and judge of the effect of one's actions in an ordinary manner; -- said of persons.

* sanity = the condition or quality of being sane; soundness of health of body or mind, especially of the mind; saneness / normal or sound powers of mind

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