potential to elevate


from the twilight of the gods zone ..a most amazing episode in parallel-program conveyance - inhabitants of planetX ..... clearly looks like the next level of mechanics have surfaced

seems ....now that this political relgio smoke screen has been blown away by the solar winds of truth .... we have positioned into an overlay that will further produce clarification via unification on these mind xorcises that are at the bottom of cross media manipulations - possible via the electronic tek that so few plug into the concept of paralleled planetary reflection

this ark-lite hall of mirrors provides the multi perspective/proposal of mind control and genetics - spinning at a rate that has the potential to elevate the altitude/attitude level of the psyche to a rational positioning which would be a huge beneficial shift to the communicating emissaries

with a more embracing posture of the conceptual mind arena that most of this communication seems to be drawn from - this planetary shifting of conscious beings could loosen its dense grip on the bodies that have been waiting/weighted in time by the obvious techniques covered in these media conjectures ... we are all confronted daily with experiential evidence of this activity .... subtle is no longer the technique - instant is its potential - one minor wiff of the nerve gas released thru the low level word sonics can take even a seasoned vet for a number of spins around the block-headed area of conceptual time delays

technique = the grandest level of psychotronic overlayed by psychotronics .... what is the formula when you have a hallucination within a hallucination

an experiential basis of understanding tends to provide a foundation that affords balance to the above below telemetry required while the over thinking and projections based on sensational media can distort not only thoughts but physical bodies in their migration from one frequency to another

a planetary issue - there are no psychological/conceptual borders since 8-26-03 and no geographic since 6-12-04 .. X coe-ordinate factors now open to all arrivals 5-5-5

in the name of progress it may be overlooked - as usual - that getting all of the cybernauts into this cyber-circus has been the task of all lifetimes - the visibility and ability to discern dis-integrative pattern is more obvious and workable than ever before


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