invisible barrier

programmed to seek a weather-protected building site a worker wasp will sometimes fly in through open windows of human habitats - failing to find the programmed requirements for a site the wasp flies as programmed, back towards the light. very frequently it runs into invisible window glass whose atoms are far enough apart to permit light and radio waves to pass through, but not wasps. the wasp crashes against the glass but its soft landing-gear readjusts its mechanisms whose arrested wingfoils, having lost their "lift," stall and allow the wasp to be pulled by gravity to a second crash on the window sill. from here it takes off on a spiral climb back into the room for a second and many successive flights outward toward the light... only the "probability" statistics and x numbers of flights, initiated from below the glazed portion of the window opening, can hold any hope for the wasp's avoiding ultimately lethal reencounters with the unprogrammed contingency - an invisible barrier

science is the earnest and sustainable intellectual attempt to set in order the facts of experience - human intellects subjectively comprehend the wasp's problem but the wasp's sting is also a fact of human experience and despite a compassionate urge few humans are objective, energetic, and scientifically ingenious enough to invent safe ways of helping the wasp to escape. they think of the wasp instead of the window whose open half could be shifted from the top to the bottom - or whose glass portion could be covered opaquely with a newspaper so that the wasp's light-seeking mechanism would steer safely only for the brightly illuminated, free, outward passage into the open air

in short the humans spontaneously try to "shoo" the wasp, i.e., to reform the wasp's behavioral pattern instead of spontaneously thinking of how to reform the environment so that the wasp would be spontaneously stimulated by the reformed environment to escape and thus terminate the interference episode between man and wasp

the unprogrammed lethal frustration of wasps lends insights into many of humanity's present-day frustrated behaviors.. the human's same fear-frozen subconscious reflexes - usually mistakenly identified as apathy - plustheir ineptitude in not "seeing" what to do about the wasps - is often redisplayed in their apathy and ineptitude in dealing with humanity's own sensorially inexplicable dilemmas

the essence of all the foregoing is that 99% of all important evolutionary trends are invisible... ninety-nine percent are either unapprehended or uncomprehended by society... the invisible inexorable evolution will soon convert all nationally and subnationally identified humanity into worldians, earthians, or just plain omnispontaneously, universally coordinate, individual "people." the inexorable trending to one-world citizenship is ignorantly and expeditiously opposed by the sovereign nations' self-perpetuating proclivities. the sovereign nations own or control the communications systems and preoccupy the systems with disintegrative news of the disintegrative actions taken by the sovereign political entities...

the analogy to the wasp's dilemma occurs in humanity's long-conditioned, reflexively superstitious assumption that man is (with only "divine" exceptions) designed to be a failure... the "normal" human has always been a potential and probable failure - at an early age the average human acquires a powerful inferiority complex from his exposure to his parents and his childhood community's deeply inhibited culture of misinformation and misfortune.. the deep-seated proclivity of humans to gamble their moneys is founded on the working assumption of human consciousness that individuals are inherently programmed for failure and that only cultivated luck can divert the individual from his negative plight

to effect the successful transition of world society to the new "norm" of man as a physical and intellectual success can, and we hope will, be realized on spaceship earth through the idealism of youth, as implemented by the education-process revolution which is beginning to take place around the planet - if so - the reality of the new norm of success will be progressively fortified by the incorruptibility of the cybernated participation of man in evolutionary transformations of human ecology and on a continuous, instead of a short-term expediency basis

and it is not a matter of being a little more farsighted and looking out for one or two more generations of man on earth... it is a matter of making man on earth a continuing success - forever


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