position of operation

enhanced peripheral thru internal vision that translates as it shifts - shutting down while turning on left/right hemisphere synchros thru phonetic syncopation suspension of dis belief awareness
images as a crystal with gyroscopic navigational axis pivot that balances any type of directional movement allowing multi planed functionality without crosstalk interference

in tapping axis point full genetic details can self actualize timing release of pattern fully capable of providing holographic understanding of this source axis/access position of operation

multi exit thruway from the astral into maximum 2 reality unfolding in its material manifestation a form of evacuation - mirrored in media via ecological political climates effecting large persuasions of defining personality based movement and focus

nonlinear base of origin and return allowing streams of conscious genetic patterns to move freely x-plane-ing strains inflection dialect allowing all one to xperience in billions of particles and forces

so it is made of thought - clear of analysis - from a creative spontaneous merging with the creation itself a training atmosphere responding to whatever texture generated - magnetics scale upwards with its effect - abstract and mutant patterning seem inherent and with proper discipline yield overall productivity - word virus approaching neu-tralization of itself nothing is hidden - more undiscovered

devised hybrid frequencies capable of shutting down forceful analyzing pattern which is still phasing down due to the latest survival game based around psychological belief systems generating high noise level distortion into the collective mind circuits with severe regulated resource control patterns applied to electronic revolution equipments embryonic gestation discovery variables being used to generate this current physical / astral condition .... crystal gyro sometimes spins in a way that suggests many other realities having little to do with anything conveyed in the context of what everyone ponders to be universe ..... something more - far far more

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